18 August 2006

Extensive flooding due to heavy rains in Ethiopia has affected thousands of people, and the official death toll of 618 is likely to rise.

11 August 2006

An International AIDS Conference in Toronto on 13 – 18 August, gathers together experts and people living with HIV to discuss how to combat the deadly disease. WFP will illustrate the necessity of good nutrition in fighting the disease.

9 August 2006

A flood in the eastern Ethiopian city of Dire Dawa has swept away homes, killing over 200 people and displacing many more. Melese Awoke looks at the impact of the disaster on one woman’s life.

30 March 2006

When the rains don’t come and the harvests fail, families in Ethiopia go hungry. However, the world's first humanitarian insurance policy, an initiative spearheaded by WFP, the World Bank and the Ethiopian Government, offers a glimmer of hope to poor families in the country.

22 February 2006

As the drought affecting the Horn of Africa intensifies,WFP has warmly welcomed a contribution from Ireland of 2.5 million euros, nearly US$3 million, for WFP’s operations in the drought-hit Horn of Africa, where 6.25 million people are running out of food because of the failure of the last rains.

1 February 2006

An online charity auction of athletics memorabilia staged by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) raises over US$30,000 for WFP, the UN Children's Fund UNICEF and the Food and Agriculture Organization.

12 April 2005

Addis Ababa, 12 April 2005 - The future of three million Ethiopians in need of food aid is in jeopardy, with malnutrition rates on the rise and funding for humanitarian operations in Ethiopia drying up, WFP has warned.