Droughts, Emergencies
25 September 2011

As we sit here today more than 13 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of assistance. This crisis is about more than the famine and nutritional emergency, it is a crisis that is multi-faceted and calls for a multi-sectoral response in which the health, nutrition and food security, water, sanitation, protection and education sectors all play a role. Throughout the region, agencies are working to ensure a coordinated response through its implementation with partners and in their respective leadership role in selected clusters/sectors.

Crop Production, Climate Change, Droughts, Floods
1 February 2010

Over the years, WFP has helped governments and communities plant billions of trees, create thousands of kilometres of flood defences, rehabilitate roads, reconstruct dams, and terrace millions of hectares of land to increase resilience to climatic changes - ultimately saving lives.