News release

8 September 2010

"We are just at the beginning of September. There are still two months of rain remaining and rains have not stopped. The accumulation of all these previous problems, in addition to the continuous rains, will increase the gravity of impact of any event," said Willem van Milink, WFP Representative in Guatemala. In response to the recent floods, WFP and its government counterparts began immediate food distributions to 7,800 families, mostly women and children, in the departments of Petén, Retalhuleu, and Escuintla. Food is also being distributed to 10,000 families who have at least one child suffering from acute malnutrition in all the country's departments.

3 June 2010

Tropical Storm Agatha in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that left 180 people dead, thousands homeless and caused immeasurable damage, was a cruel reminder of the vulnerability of Central America as we head in to the hurricane season.

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11 September 2009

Statement by WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

16 October 2007

FAO has called for a renewed commitment to guarantee the right to food for the world's hundreds of millions of hungry people.

16 October 2007

Read UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message to mark World Food Day, which this year promotes the Right to Food.

30 December 2005

With a contribution of a 4 million euros from the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) for Pakistan, the European Commission (EC) provides its largest contribution since 1992 – some 214 million euros - to WFP operations around the globe in its effort to save lives and feed the hungry poor.

28 December 2005

The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, describes 2005 as the most challenging year the humanitarian aid world has faced since World War II, but also warns that the New Year will undoubtedly bring further emergencies and even greater demands on donors.

10 December 2005

With the full picture of devastation in the wake of Hurricane Stan yet to emerge across Central America, WFP is today providing urgently needed food to assist thousands of affected families in Guatemala.

28 November 2005

WFP has congratulated its newest Ambassador against Hunger, Brazilian and Barcelona star Ronaldinho on winning one of soccer’s most prestigious prizes – the 50th European Player of the Year award.

11 November 2005

WFP repeats an urgent appeal to donors to help feed an estimated 285,000 victims of Hurricane Stan, warning that they are confronting a severe hunger crisis as early as this Christmas.