23 May 2011

Amanda Lopez is a 56 year-old woman who lives and works on the Pacific coastal plain in Guatemala. She is a farmer and founder of the Civil Association for the Integral Development of Active Rural Women (Asociación Civil de Desarrollo Integral de Mujeres Activas Rurales - ACDIMAR). This association is formed exclusively by women, which is neither usual nor easy in a society in which women’s lives are bound by traditional roles.

Climate Change, Emergencies, Floods, Hurricanes
29 September 2010

The assessment showed that 235,000 people are in need of emergency food assistance and an additional 95,000 are in need of complementary food assistance after Tropical Storm Agatha and the eruption of Pacaya Volcano last May.

Food Prices
8 September 2010

Guatemala - In 2010, Tropical Storm Agatha brought sadness and despair to the community of El Cerro, in Quetzaltenango, at 275 kilometers from the capital city. The Perez family is still recovering, but the changes in the climate and high food prices remind us that food security remains fragile.

16 July 2010

Central American governments are doing a good job of strengthening their social safety nets, but need to sharpen their focus on child nutrition, a new study by WFP reported this month. Here is a breakdown of the study's findings and recommendations.

Emergencies, Floods, Hurricanes
9 June 2010
Thousands of families lost their homes last month when Tropical Storm Agatha struck Central America and unleashed a rash of floods. Farmers Ambrosio Lopez and his wife Lorena Gonzalez are among those now threatened with hunger. WFP is currently assisting over 50,000 in Guatemala in the wake of the disaster.
Droughts, Food Prices, General Food Distribution, Nutrition
8 April 2010

Sustained drought, high food prices and a sharp drop in money from relatives working abroad have left many thousands of Guatemalan families struggling to feed themselves. The Ramos family are among those hit. Their baby girl is starting to show the effects of malnutrition.

Focus on Women, Nutrition
23 September 2009

Wanting to see the impact of hunger with her own eyes, the Grammy award-winning artist recently traveled to Guatemala and met some of the beneficiaries of WFP's nutrition programmes there. For Aguilera, it was an unforgettable experience.

16 September 2009

There are more hungry people in the world today than ever before. In many developing countries the poor cannot afford to buy food. At the same time, economic woes mean that many rich countries have cut back on funding for food assistance. It's a recipe for disaster.

Emergencies, Nutrition
15 September 2009

In Guatemala, WFP’s vital programme providing nutritious food supplements to 100,000 children and 50,000 pregnant and lactating women, is hanging by a thread.

Emergencies, Nutrition
15 September 2009

Guatemala has been hit by severe food shortages recently, worsening what were already dangerous levels of malnutrition. Fresh from a visit to the worst affected areas in the east of the country, WFP field monitor Lida Escobar describes what she saw.