Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 August 2012

Atypical drought conditions in the US causes wheat, maize and soya prices to soar (figure 1). According to data record-ed by the World Bank in July 2012, wheat increased by 50%, maize by 45% and soya by 30% since mid-June 2012. By contrast, rice prices remained stable until July 2012. Compared to the 5-year average, maize, soya and wheat increased by 59%, 44% and 31%, respectively, and rice increased only by 8%. A new bullish phase in inter-national markets could impact regional markets and the food access of West African households already affected by the current nutrition and food crisis.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
30 April 2011

La hausse des prix des denrées alimentaires en Guinée s’inscrit dans un contexte international de hausse des prix affectant les ménages les plus vulnérables à travers le monde. La présente étude propose d’analyser le contexte très particulier de la Guinée, l’impact de cette hausse sur la sécurité alimentaire des ménages, les stratégies mises en place par les ménages Ŕet leur profil- pour y faire face, les réponses institutionnelles apportées et enfin les recommandations en terme d’assistance et d’accompagnement. L’étude s’est concentrée dans les communes urbaines de : Conakry, Kankan, Labé et N’Zérékoré.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 March 2010

The study aims to provide decision makers with baseline information on cross-border trade and food security, including market flow maps and an analysis of trader capacities and incentives. The study was sponsored by USAID and jointly carried out by CILSS, FAO, FEWS NET, WFP and national market information systems.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 December 2009

The study aims to describe system markets in Guinea and analyse the links between the household food security and performance of contracts, particularly during periods of shocks.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 October 2009

In January and February 2007, a general strike affected the scope of the national territory in Guinea. The strike has been marked by many events, public disturbances, the introduction of martial law, a curfew and closure of land borders.

Market Analysis, Monitoring, Food Security Analysis
31 October 2008

This bulletin provides members of the regional-level Food Security and Nutrition and decision-makers in West Africa with an overview of the food security situation, including the impliaction of international and sub-regional market trends. On West African ma

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
9 October 2008

This assessment provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential
impacts on the cost of the basic food basket.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2008

Rapid joint assessment mission, organized in Guinea by the Government, NGO and UN agencies. WFP, in partnership with UNICEF and FAO, implemented nutritional support activities in different nutritional centres throughout the country during May 2008.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2006

Analysis was set to identify missing or poor information on national markets , cross-border trade and variables underlying the pricing of products needed to food security of the Sahel.