Hunger in the news

20 April 2010

A United Nations World Food Program (WFP) helicopter lands in Parques, a remote town south from Leogane, Haiti, to distribute food on April 14, 2010. About 300 families from Port-au-Prince fled in the poor village after the January 12 quake, but locals are lacking food to feed about 8,000 people.

20 April 2010

The televised images of weeping Haitian children searching for their parents jolted celebrity chef Cat Cora. She joined actor George Clooney’s early fundraising drive, and within weeks of the quake she helped the United Nations’ World Food Programme launch “One Million in 1 Month for Haiti,” which aimed to raise $1 million in 30 days for Haiti’s earthquake victims.

16 April 2010

A new Haiti relief effort will see a camp set up 12 miles outside Port-au-Prince to provide shelter for some 5,000 quake refugees before the upcoming rainy season. The Corail Cesselesse camp is the first major housing effort since the Jan. 12 earthquake. It's dry, but far from the city, schools, supplies, and jobs.(..)As of today, the WFP has closed its free food distribution sites across the capital city. From now on, only those designated recipients – children, pregnant women, elderly – will receive WFP food.

14 April 2010

Standing at the wrecked national palace, President Rene Preval on Monday rejected criticism of his government over legions of his people still being without shelter three months after Haiti's earthquake.(..)The leader of the World Food Program in Haiti, Christian Labon, said the activity is a remarkable contrast to the period immediately following the quake. His agency has returned to distributing food to targeted areas of need, rather than trying to feed almost 2 million people daily as in the days just after the disaster.


NB. The WFP leader quoted in this article is not Christian Labon, but Etienne Labande, Head of Programme Section.

12 April 2010

The mayors from Haiti's Central Plateau gathered in a stuffy auditorium in the town of Pandiassou. Dressed in short-sleeve shirts and casual pants that marked their former careers as farmers, their frustration boiled over.(..)But, it was the only time the Haitian secretary of state and a representative from the World Food Program could come to discuss distributing long-term aid.

12 April 2010

The morning I met Nadine in her new "home" in a former park in the middle of the Peacutetionville neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, it had been raining -- the first rain since the earthquake.(..)Following the assessment, the Women's Refugee Commission and the World Food Programme are urging the humanitarian community to adopt a three-phase cooking fuel strategy for three distinct types of affected populations in Haiti(..)

9 April 2010

Nearly three months after the devastating Haiti earthquake, the world development community is looking for ways to feed a nation that struggled to feed itself even before the disaster struck. The UN WFP, the organization essential to feeding so many in Haiti during the initial emergency response period, is currently negotiating the shift towards creating longer term food security in the country in close partnership with the Haitian government. WFP plans on feeding 2.1 million Haitians per month in the near future, and the situation is being complicated by the imminent hurricane season, which could undo progress that has already been made on the ground.

8 April 2010

It's almost three months since the devastating Haiti earthquake, but the huge challenge of reconstruction is only just beginning.(..)Once unloaded, the ship distributed food for the United Nations World Food Programme - first to Gonaives in the north and then to Anse a Veau, which had been cut off by landslide and floods.

8 April 2010

The UN will move 8,000 Haitians out of a makeshift camp to a new site almost three months after a huge quake ravaged the country, officials said Wednesday, but many more remain at risk as the rainy season approaches.(..)The World Food Program is also planning to distribute seed kits so that those left destitute by the quake can plant some vegetable plots.

7 April 2010

Maersk Line, the world's largest container shipping line, has announced that it will provide free ocean freight for 147 containers (3,525 metric tons) of rice donated by the Government of Thailand to Haiti through the World Food Programme.