News release

19 May 2005

Panama At the request of the Government of Panama, WFP is supporting a two-day Regional Technical Consultation meeting to coordinate the agendas of the fight against hunger and malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean.

5 May 2005

Port-au-Prince - For the next two years, 550,000 Haitians the vast majority of them women and children will be guaranteed at least one nutritious meal every day, provided by WFP.

14 December 2004

Rome WFP releases a music video by Haitian singer/songwriter Wyclef Jean, who visited flood-stricken parts of Haiti in October, and whose new song ‘Gonaives\' seeks to raise awareness and support for thousands of people still recovering from the devastation.

6 November 2004

WFP delivered food aid on June 11 to some of the most isolated villages in the mountainous Mapou district of south-eastern Haiti, for the first time since floods devastated the region two weeks ago, leaving thousands of people cut off and in desperate need of assistance.

2 November 2004

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti - WFP expresses concern over the excalating insecurity in Haiti which could affect the nutritional status of as many as 268,000 WFP beneficiaries if food aid deliveries to the north and northwest of the country do not resume within the coming week.

30 September 2004

Rome - A giant Antonov-124 cargo plane took off from the United Nations Humanitarian Depot in Brindisi today carrying 100 metric tons of High Energy Biscuits provided by WFP for the thousands of victims of last week\'s devastating floods in northwest Haiti. The flight is expected to arrive in Port au Prince on Friday.

22 September 2004

Port au Prince - WFP sends the first humanitarian convoy to the Haitian city of Gonaives, which was engulfed over the weekend by devastating floods that left hundreds of people dead and thousands more in desperate need of food assistance.

25 June 2004

Port-au-Prince With a generous grant from the government of the United Kingdom, WFP has airlifted food to more than 15,000 people in desperate need of assistance following last month\'s torrential rains which caused devastating floods and landslides near the border with the Dominican Republic.

28 May 2004

Port-Au-Prince/Santo Domingo WFP has initiated a rapid response to help families affected by the devastating floods in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

15 April 2004

Port-Au-Prince WFP Executive Director James T. Morris urges donors not to forget about the dire needs of the Haitian people and to increase their support for a country he described as "in danger of slipping into oblivion."