School Meals
15 October 2011

On October 3rd, the first day of the new school year, the streets of the country were once again filled with something very familiar in Haiti: students walking to school in their uniforms.

P4P Stories from the field, Crop Production, Food Prices, Procurement, Purchase for Progress, School Meals
5 October 2011

Torbeck is located in the South of Haiti, about 4 hours away from the capital. Here, in the valley, you might be led to think that everybody is growing rice. This is not far from the truth. Fields are everywhere and rice is one of the main crops grown by local farmers.


Capacity Building, Droughts, Food for Assets
5 October 2011

Haitians have not dubbed the country’s North West department the Far West for no reason. The region feels very far away. Driving the 300 km or so that separate the capital from the North West is a little bit like travelling back in time. Along the way, pavement is replaced by bumpy dirt roads, access to electricity becomes scarce or non-existent. Even the houses, usually built with cement blocks are replaced in the most part by mud huts.

Emergencies, Floods, Hurricanes, Logistics
29 August 2011

As Haitians brace for the hurricane season, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) has prepositioned life-saving supplies in 35 vulnerable locations to provide food assistance to 500,000 people for over a month. WFP is working in close collaboration with the Haitian Government and its partners in the country’s 10 departments to be ready to begin emergency food distributions immediately after the passage of a storm.


Capacity Building
5 August 2011

A new project in a region that Haitians call the Far West is helping small farmers produce more food.

Livelihoods, Earthquakes, Emergencies, Focus on Women
27 July 2011

In Carrefour, a busy suburban town located just West of Port-au-Prince, a women’s association is getting neighborhoods ready for rebuilding.

Focus on Women, Gender, Nutrition
13 July 2011

The World Food Programme is supporting the Haitian Government's efforts to prevent and combat malnutrition.

6 July 2011

A blaze in a crowded Port-au-Prince camp leaves earthquake survivors struggling to get back on their feet.

Ambassadors & Celebrities
28 June 2011

African pop duo Amadou and Mariam, who launched their new single Labendela in Rome on Monday, say their new role as Ambassadors Against Hunger for the EU allows them to be “flag-bearers” for the fight against hunger and poverty in countries such as their native Mali.

Ambassadors & Celebrities
27 June 2011
World music stars Amadou & Mariam are the latest celebrity voices to join the fight against global hunger as the new WFP Ambassadors Against Hunger for the European Union. To raise hunger awareness, Amadou & Mariam have dedicated this song to the global hunger challenge.