Ambassadors & Celebrities
27 June 2011
World music stars Amadou & Mariam are the latest celebrity voices to join the fight against global hunger as the new WFP Ambassadors Against Hunger for the European Union. To raise hunger awareness, Amadou & Mariam have dedicated this song to the global hunger challenge.

23 June 2011

The Malian pop-duo and world music stars, Amadou & Mariam, are the latest celebrity voices to join the fight against global hunger as the new WFP Ambassadors Against Hunger for the European Union. To raise hunger awareness among Europeans, Amadou & Mariam have dedicated a song to the global hunger challenge.

Ambassadors & Celebrities
13 April 2011

Amadou and Mariam, the acclaimed Malian pop duo, are WFP’s newest Ambassadors Against Hunger, and the first devoted to raising hunger awareness in the EU. The announcement followed the two singers’ return from Haiti, where they met with families still suffering from the devastation of the January 2010 earthquake.

Earthquakes, Emergencies
13 March 2011

In Léogâne, a project helps the city repair its roads by recycling rubble from the earthquake.

Earthquakes, Emergencies, Floods
13 March 2011

A project in Léogâne, the Haitian town located at the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake, is revitalizing the banks of the river Rouyonne while improving living conditions for hundreds of Haitians.


School Meals
7 January 2011

Marie Anika, 8, wants to work in a bank when she grows up. At the moment, however, she lives in a tent where her house used to be before the earthquake. But that hasn’t stopped her from going to school or dreaming about the future thanks to the hearty meals she eats everyday in class.

7 January 2011

Less than a month after her husband was killed in last year’s earthquake, Farah, 21, gave birth to their second daughter. Getting by since then has been hard, but Farah says she takes comfort in knowing that her daughters are getting the nutrition they need from a fortified peanut paste provided by WFP.

Earthquakes, Procurement
7 January 2011

A group of Haitian dairy farmers is now supplying Port-au-Prince schools with fresh milk, thanks to a pilot project launched by WFP. The scheme helps farmers gain a foothold in their local market while providing kids who eat WFP school meals with a precious source of vitamins and minerals.

Earthquakes, Food for Assets
7 January 2011

It’s tough digging with a shovel under the hot sun but Cassandre Chery, 28, is glad to have the work. She’s been homeless since the earthquake and says that work in Haiti is scarce. With the money she earns helping to rebuild her country, she’s able to buy food and keep her kids in school. Watch video

Earthquakes, Focus on Women, Food for Assets, Nutrition, Procurement, School Meals
7 January 2011

One year after the earthquake, WFP is helping Haitians move beyond the disaster and start building a future free from hunger. Our food assistance provides meals for children in school, shields babies and mothers from malnutrition, helps economic recovery and supports small farmers.