Earthquakes, Emergencies, Focus on Women, School Meals
29 December 2010

In Port-au-Prince, a school principal is working tirelessly to help her school and her students recover

Livelihoods, Capacity Building, Earthquakes, Emergencies
8 December 2010

A project in the mountains of Haiti's Southeast is contributing to the rehabilitation of agricultural land.

Livelihoods, Capacity Building, Earthquakes, Emergencies
3 December 2010

A Road construction project financed by the World Food Programme is transforming lives in the mountains above Port-au-Prince.

Emergencies, Floods
9 November 2010

As the hurricane season approached this year, WFP positioned food in strategic points around Haiti. So when Hurricane Tomas raged off Haiti’s western coast a few days ago, emergency provisions were ready for the thousands of people facing yet another natural disaster.

General Food Distribution
24 October 2010

In response to the outbreak of cholera in central regions of Haiti, WFP has begun distribution of ready-to-eat meals and High Energy Biscuits at hospitals in Saint-Marc, Mirebalais and Lascahobas. This food should ensure hospital staff and patients have access to safe food that does not require water for its preparation.

Capacity Building, Earthquakes, Emergencies, Focus on Women, Food for Assets, Gender, General Food Distribution, Logistics, Nutrition
6 July 2010

Six months have passed since the catastrophic January 12 earthquake in Haiti. At the peak of its emergency operation, WFP reached some 4.5 million people with food aid. But now it’s shifting gears, from disaster relief to a long-term strategy using food assistance to fuel the recovery.

Earthquakes, Emergencies, Logistics
15 June 2010

Brienne Charles and her neighbours lost their homes when the January earthquake ripped through their remote mountain village. Now they’re getting new ones thanks to a Chilean NGO and WFP’s knack for reaching people in even the hardest-to-reach locations. Watch the clip

Earthquakes, Food for Assets
9 June 2010

As Haiti raises itself from the rubble of the January earthquake, WFP is helping survivors start again by giving them cash and food in return for work to rebuild the country. Johnny, who lost his family, and Florence, who dreams of starting a business, are among those reclaiming their lives. Watch the clip

Food for Assets, Purchase for Progress
8 June 2010

WFP’s “operational prowess” and weighty “procurement footprint” – almost a billion dollars spent buying food last year – position it to lead the way in creating food systems that over time will eliminate the need for humanitarian food aid, USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah said on Monday.

Earthquakes, Focus on Women, General Food Distribution, Nutrition
24 May 2010

Janette Andres lives in Cité Soleil, one of Haiti’s biggest and poorest slums. Her husband was killed in the January earthquake, leaving her to fend for herself and their four children. While Janette looks for a way to support them, WFP is helping her protect her family from malnutrition.