23 January 2010

WFP is one of seven relief organisations that will receive a share of the money raised by Friday's Hope For Haiti Now benefit event in New York, Los Angeles and London. The line-up of stars included WFP celebrity partners Christina Aguilera, Wyclef Jean and Drew Barrymore.

22 January 2010

Haiti's devastated infrastructure make emergency operations in the quake-hit nation the most challenging that WFP has ever faced, Executive Director Josette Sheeran said here on Friday, during a three-day visit.

Earthquakes, Emergencies
22 January 2010

When the earthquake hit Haiti at 16:53 on 12 January, WFP Programme Officer Gumel Henry was at the office. The first thing he did was run home. School had finished and he knew his children would be there. As he ran, he passed one collapsed building after another...

Earthquakes, Logistics
21 January 2010

When a disaster strikes, humanitarian agencies like WFP need information more than anything else. They need a clear picture of the damage to roads and bridges, for example, to be able to respond fast. A new set of satellite maps produced by WFP helps provide this information.

Earthquakes, Emergencies, Logistics
19 January 2010

When disaster strikes, among the first people in WFP to move are the telecommunications staff. In Haiti, they found landlines, cellphones and satellite communications all down. Yet within days they had connected humanitarian workers to each other and the world.

15 January 2010

WFP is gearing up to distribute ready-to-eat food rations to 2 million people in quake-stricken Haiti because, with so many homes and buildings destroyed, most people have no access to cooking facilities.

14 January 2010

High energy biscuits are light, nutritious and easy to transport. That's why WFP often distributes them in the early days of an emergency.

13 January 2010

WFP is mobilising all available resources to bring urgently needed food assistance to thousands of people affected by the devastating earthquake which hit the Caribbean island of Haiti on Tuesday, causing massive death and destruction.

8 January 2010

Actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are helping WFP to raise funds to feed hungry children in Haiti by auctioning a special artwork signed by music artists who performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo last month.

Emergencies, Nutrition
1 December 2009

Natasha Belony, like three-quarters of Haitians, lives on less than US $2 a day and feeding her children is a daily struggle. Her 15-month old son is malnourished but he has just started receiving WFP nutritional support and so he has a good chance of recovering.