Livelihoods, Capacity Building, Gender, Nutrition, School Meals
5 February 2014

The evaluation covers WFP’s development project (DEV) 200150 “Support for the National School Meals Programme” (January 2012-June 2014). It was intended for both accountability and learning purposes and focuses on assessing: i) the appropriateness and coherence of the operation; ii) its results; and iii) the factors explaining the results.

The evaluation assessed the following activities: school feeding, micronutrient supplementation as well as capacity development.

The evaluation, which makes a number of recommendations for the future, was managed and conducted by a consultancy firm, with fieldwork taking place in October 2014.

Capacity Building
10 January 2012

The year 2011 has been kind to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The earth did not quake. Tropical storms have passed it by. The cholera epidemic is largely under control. But if the country is slowly recovering, half of all Haitians continue to struggle to have enough nutritious food to eat.