News release

12 December 2007

Expressing their “deepest concern”, the three Rome-based UN Agencies – FAO, the World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development – warned today that climate change is a major challenge to world food security and will increase hunger and malnutrition unless immediate action is taken.

28 November 2007

WFP has kicked off a critical initiative to assist Indonesia in providing food for the nation\'s hungry poor and called on international donors to contribute urgently to a new three year US$98 million program for food aid for the country.

16 October 2007

FAO has called for a renewed commitment to guarantee the right to food for the world's hundreds of millions of hungry people.

16 October 2007

Read UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon message to mark World Food Day, which this year promotes the Right to Food.

6 July 2007

Indonesia’s Co-ordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Aburizal Bakrie told WFP yesterday that the agency’s efforts in his country remain “essential to the lives of hundreds of thousands of hungry and malnourished children and women”.

2 July 2007

At the request of the Indonesian authorities, WFP has started providing immediate food aid to people displaced by floods in the capital.

29 December 2006

Within hours of the first reports of devastating floods this week in the Indonesian province of Aceh, WFP moved rapidly to deliver emergency supplies by air and road to some 127,000 displaced people in the hardest hit districts of Aceh Tamiang and Gayo Lues.

20 July 2006

Working in close cooperation with Indonesian authorities, WFP has rapidly responded to the immediate needs of persons affected by the July 17 earthquake and tsunami in West Java.

31 May 2006

WFP has welcomed a donation of EURO 500,000 from Belgium - confirmed by the Minister of Development Cooperation, Mr. Armand De Decker - to fund emergency food rations for the survivors of Saturday’s massive earthquake in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.

28 May 2006

WFP begins distributing emergency food rations to survivors of the devastating earthquake in Indonesia, just 36 hours after the earthquake struck.