News release

4 April 2005

Bangkok - One hundred days after the 26 December tsunami ripped through the Indian Ocean, WFP is back in emergency mode to get urgently needed relief to more than 200,000 victims of Indonesia\'s latest earthquake.

30 March 2005

Jakarta - Less than 10 hours after the undersea earthquake struck off the western coast of Sumatra, WFP launched a major emergency response, using a dedicated fleet of aircraft to deliver emergency aid to the affected islands, while evacuating critically injured people.

25 March 2005

Bangkok Three months after the 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami, WFP declares that starvation and widespread malnutrition have been averted in the wake of one of history\'s worst natural disasters.

28 February 2005

London The former Australia rugby captain and WFP humanitarian partner, Nick Farr-Jones, arrives in Indonesia on the first day of a four-day mission to highlight the long-term challenges faced by communities whose livelihoods were devastated by the tsunami last year.

2 February 2005

Banda Aceh WFP pays tribute to the UK government\'s generous donation to the agency\'s relief effort in the tsunami crisis, as Suma Chakrabarti, the Permanent Secretary to Britain\'s Department for International Development (DFID) arrived in the Indonesian town of Banda Aceh to see for himself the affected area.

18 January 2005

Jakarta - "Indonesia\'s post-tsunami reconstruction effort will greatly benefit from long-term partnerships so that people can start rebuilding their homes, livelihoods, and the critical infrastructure needed to end the suffering of all those affected by the tsunami," Anthony Banbury, WFP Regional Director for Asia, said.

31 December 2004

New York - At the end of a year marked by tragic humanitarian crises ranging from conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan to the carnage caused by a Tsunami in Asia, the head of WFP pays tribute to donors\' generosity but cautions that even more support is vital for the coming year.

24 August 2004

Jakarta WFP warmly welcomes the decision by the Government of Indonesia to exempt humanitarian agencies from its ban on rice imports, saying that millions of poor Indonesians are now guaranteed the delivery of food assistance they so urgently need.