Emergency Assessments, Food Security Analysis
28 February 2013

The purpose of this desk review is to uncover the food security and nutrition information available on the three target countries; to advise WFP on the absence of any relevant information that would prevent a comprehensive evaluation of refugee food security status; and to provide guidance on areas for primary data collection during the March 2013 Joint Assessment Mission (JAM).

Emergency Assessments, Food Security Analysis
31 July 2012

From March 2011 till June 2012, according to Government estimates, more than 120,000 Syrians moved and stayed in Jordan as a result of the unrest. The fact that Jordan has left its borders open to Syrians and is known for its favourable protection climate has further augmented the number of arrivals. Many Syrians arrived already destitute, having had to deplete their resources while still in Syria. Unlike Iraqis who are concentrated in the capital Amman, Syrians have scattered throughout Jordan, with the largest concentrations in the border districts (Irbid and Mafraq) as well as Amman, Zarqa, Karak and Ma’an.

Emergency Assessments, Food Security Analysis
30 September 2008

The objective of this survey in Jordan was to assess the impact of food price increases on the food security in the pockets of poverty, identified by the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC).