News release

19 April 2007

Paul Tergat, the current world record holder is dedicating his participation in the Flora London Marathon to the plight of hungry children all over the world.

7 March 2007

Three United Nations agencies urge donors to support an appeal for a full package of assistance to cut malnutrition rates at crisis levels among children under five in refugee camps in Kenya. They warn that a host of problems linked with persistently high malnutrition had to be tackled now to save lives.

24 December 2006

WFP started dropping food into Somalia and Kenya from aircraft over the weekend, expanding its campaign by land, water and air to assist more than a million people suffering because of floods cutting roads and spreading sickness.

21 November 2006

A Boeing 747 jumbo jet chartered by WFP has landed in Nairobi, delivering 94 metric tons of high energy biscuits from a depot in Brindisi, Italy, for hundreds of thousands of victims of Kenya’s largest floods in years.

20 November 2006

WFP has launched a regional air operation to provide fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to transport aid workers and humanitarian assistance to more than a million people in Somalia and Kenya hit by the worst floods in years.

27 September 2006

Rains have reduced the number of Kenyans in need of food aid because of drought to nearly 3 million people from 3.5 million, the Government of Kenya and WFP has said.

26 September 2006

Somali refugees escaping the conflict between the Union of Islamic Courts and the Transitional Federal Government have pushed the number of refugees in Kenya to the highest level in a decade, threatening to exhaust food aid stocks unless urgent donations are made, WFP said today.

2 August 2006

The Government of Kenya and WFP has announced that 3.5 million Kenyans are running out of food because of the complete failure of the short rains.

19 July 2006

WFP warns that it isrunning out of emergency food aid for millions of people in Kenya made destitute by drought and appeals for urgent new contributions to prevent malnutrition rates rising as the long dry season sets in.

3 June 2006

WFP congratulates Rachel Weisz on winning an Oscar last night for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for her performance in the movie, The Constant Gardener.