News release

3 May 2006

Following his visit to the epicentre of the Horn of Africa drought – in northeastern Kenya – the head of WFP has warned that the human death toll could soar in the coming months without sufficient donations to head off a disaster.

20 April 2006

WFP warns that despite a good start to the long rains falling in the epicenter of the regional drought, the suffering of millions of nomadic herders and subsistence farmers in Kenya would continue and even deepen.

14 March 2006

As a result of insufficient funding, WFP has been forced to reduce food aid rations to some 230,000 Somali and Sudanese refugees living in two camps in remote areas in northeast Kenya.

11 March 2006

WFP warmly congratulated its Ambassador against Hunger, top record holder Paul Tergat, on his performance today in New York where he finished third place in the world’s most prestigious marathon race.

21 February 2006

As the media and the humanitarian community focus on the spreading drought in the Horn of Africa, WFP is deeply concerned that more attention is needed to highlight the persistent problems faced by the world’s refugees – most of them in Africa.

10 December 2005

WFP today strongly condemned the hijacking of a food aid ship Wednesday afternoon by unidentified gunmen at the port of Merka, 100 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu.

29 November 2005

WFP joins forces with leading advertising agency Leagas Delaney to build public empathy in Europe for the more than 850 million people who still go hungry.

21 November 2005

At the Italian launch of the AIDS Epidemic Update 2005, UNAIDS, WFP and the Italian Government underline the crucial role of prevention and good nutrition in the fight against AIDS, particularly in Africa.