News release

28 June 2005

Geneva- With refugee numbers in Kenya failing to decline despite steps toward peace in Somalia and Sudan, WFP appeals for US$6.7 million to feed nearly a quarter of a million refugees in two northern Kenya camps until the end of 2005.

11 June 2005

WFP warmly congratulates Paul Tergat, WFP’s Ambassador Against Hunger, on his huge win at the New York City Marathon.

10 May 2005

WFP welcomes the safe arrival of a WFP-chartered ship and its crew at the Somali port of El Maan on the 100th day since it was hijacked by pirates ....

26 April 2005

Nairobi - WFP warns that two million Kenyans - particularly in the arid and semi-arid lands in the northern and eastern parts of the country - will need food assistance until August, despite a general improvement in weather conditions.

7 April 2005

Nairobi - WFP has suspended all shipments of humanitarian assistance to Somalia in the wake of the hijacking of a WFP-chartered vessel carrying food aid for 28,000 tsunami survivors.

16 March 2005

Nairobi - WFP launches a six-month food relief operation to assist nearly 600,000 Ugandans suffering from drought in the northeastern region of Karamoja.

11 February 2005

WFP reiterates its appeal for US$25 million to assist 1.2 million people in Kenya -- particularly the Northeast -- hit by critical food shortages.

23 December 2004

Nairobi World renowned American photographer James Nachtwey and WFP join forces to focus more public concern on Darfur, western Sudan, where the world\'s worst humanitarian crisis continues unabated.

17 December 2004

Nairobi WFP warns that thousands of refugees in Kenya will go hungry unless it receives immediate donations of cash or food commodities.

6 July 2004

Nairobi As the humanitarian crisis in Darfur and neighbouring Chad deepens by the day and the number of people suffering from conflict across western Sudan has almost doubled to two million, WFP appeals to the international community for urgent funding to expand its operations in both Sudan and Chad. At least one million people have been driven from their homes and farms by the fighting.