Refugees and IDPs, Nutrition
7 September 2011

A special ready-to-use food is meeting the approval of those at the front line of the battle against malnutrition - the mothers of young children. Preventing malnutrition in the first two years of life is the best way to ensure children grow up healthy in mind and body.

31 August 2011

The rebuilding of an irrigation scheme in northern Kenya last year has turned out to be crucial for farmers like Nangor Lobongia. It has meant she and her family have avoided joining the thousands now queueing for food aid in the drought-hit Turkana region.

Ambassadors & Celebrities, Emergencies, School Meals
17 August 2011
Drew Barrymore wanted to see it with her own eyes; she wanted to come back to the country she grew to love and see how she could help change the lives of the women and children.
12 August 2011

WFP recently held a live "tweetup" on the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa featurning five staff members in the field who answered questions from the public on the popular microblogging site, Twitter. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

3 August 2011

WFP Web Editor Martin Penner recently spent a week in Dadaab, Kenya where over 1,000 people are arriving everyday to escape famine in southern Somalia. During his stay, Martin recorded his experiences in a video diary to help people understand what it's like to live and work in the world's largest refugee camp.

Droughts, Emergencies
29 July 2011

Amid a worsening hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, WFP is moving quickly to feed 11.5 million people across the region. Airlifts have begun delivering food to the Somalia capital of Mogadishu and areas in the country’s famine-hit south, while WFP ramps up support for refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Droughts, Emergencies
25 July 2011

At the reception centres at the camps in Dadaab, newly-arrived Somali refugees  get three-week food rations from WFP to tide them over while they settle themselves.

25 July 2011

This is the story of just one of the Somali refugee families arriving at Dadaab in north-eastern Kenya. With a population of more than 400,000 and some 1,300 new arrivals each day, the camps at Dadaab form the biggest refugee settlement in the world.

24 July 2011

World Food Programme Executive Director Josette Sheeran says WFP is considering every option to reach more than 2 million people who are currently inaccessible inside southern Somalia, including airlifts of food.

22 July 2011

More than 11 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of food assistance and WFP needs your help to get it to them. Here are 10 things absolutely anyone can do to help us save lives.