Korea, Democratic People's Republic (DPRK)

Hunger in the news

28 June 2011

North Korea has drastically cut public food handouts as it heads towards a new hunger crisis with people again eating grass to survive (..) The World Food Programme sent 136,000 tonnes of food to North Korea in 2008 but donations have dried up and this fell to 55,000 tonnes last year and by this month only 11,000 tonnes had been sent this year, Zellweger said.

17 June 2011

A group of European Union officials completed a 10-day food and humanitarian survey mission to North Korea on Wednesday (..). The United States sent a similar mission to North Korea in late May following Pyongyang's request to the World Food Program in January for food aid.

24 May 2011

A U.S. delegation will travel to North Korea on Tuesday for a four-day trip to assess the food situation in the reclusive nation. (..) "It's had a big impact on the winter crop, and there are big concerns now for the levels of food available through the public distribution system," said Marcus Prior of the World Food Programme.

24 May 2011

The United Nations said Tuesday it would soon decide whether to release emergency humanitarian funds for North Korea as a U.S. government team arrived in the secretive Asian nation to assess its request for food aid. The U.N. World Food Program launched a $200 million dollar international appeal late last month after it concluded that more than 6 million of North Korea's 23 million people were in urgent need of aid. It said the North's public distribution system would run out of food between May and July.

23 May 2011

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is visiting China to better understand the country's economic development, the South Korean government has said. (..)The World Food Programme has already launched an emergency operation there, and the US special envoy for North Korea Human Rights is due to arrive in Pyongyang on Tuesday to assess its food security needs.

18 May 2011

(..) HOW SERIOUS IS THE SHORTAGE? Aid agencies and governments believe the secretive North needs about 5.3 million tonnes to feed its population. The World Food Programme estimates the North's crop was about 4.5 million tonnes. The South Korean government's assessment of the crop is a more conservative 4.3 million tonnes.

10 May 2011

The U.N. says hunger is driving some North Koreans to eat more wild grass, and humanitarians are pressuring the U.S. and South Korea to send food. (..) The U.N. report from March paints a stark picture: More than 6 million North Koreans, about a quarter of the population, need urgent international food aid. The World Food Program said last month it is launching an emergency operation to help feed 3.5 million hungry people in North Korea.

6 May 2011

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) lived through a famine that killed, at conservative estimates, nearly a million people in the 1990s, and is now nearing the brink of a second food disaster, according to an extensive study conducted this year by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

2 May 2011

The United Nations World Food Program is launching an emergency operation to address the urgent needs of 3.5 million people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. (..) Claudia Von Roehl, WFP's Director to DPRK, said, "As of May in the public distribution system, which is the major source for cereals for the people of DPRK, for about 2/3 of all the people of DPRK. They have reduced the cereal distribution to only 190 grams."

29 April 2011

The World Food Program says it is launching an emergency operation to help feed 3.5 million people suffering from hunger in North Korea. (..) Emilia Casella says the harsh winter and poor vegetable crop last year have left North Korea with severe shortages of staple foods.