Korea, Democratic People's Republic (DPRK)

News release

18 August 2006

North Korea has agreed to accept assistance from WFP for victims of recent floods in the country.

23 February 2006

WFP’s governing Executive Board has approved a two-year plan to build on the agency’s ten-year record of humanitarian assistance to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by tackling nutritional deficiencies and chronic hunger.

8 September 2005

Seoul - WFP hails South Korea\'s contributions to easing the acute humanitarian crisis in the North, but said new donations were urgently needed for the UN agency\'s severely under-funded emergency operation that seeks to support 6.5 million particularly vulnerable people there.

3 July 2005

Beijing Malnutrition rates among children in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea have declined in the past two years but remain relatively high, according to a new survey. UN agencies announcing the findings say that substantial, well-targeted international assistance must be sustained to build on the gains.

24 June 2005

Washington, DC - WFP welcomes an announcement by the US government that it would donate 50,000 metric tons of agricultural commodities to the hungry in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea.

27 May 2005

Seoul - A slump in donations for its emergency operation in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea will force WFP to halt vital distributions to almost all of its 3.8 million "core" beneficiaries over the next the two months, the United Nations agency warns.

26 March 2005

Beijing - WFP will have to halt distributions to millions of hungry North Koreans within weeks unless fresh pledges are made soon, the agency warns, urging the Pyongyang government to facilitate vital donations by easing restrictions on the monitoring of aid.

27 January 2005

Pyongyang WFP warns that in 2005 it needs 500,000 tonnes of commodities, valued at US$202 million, to assist 6.5 million particularly hungry North Koreans.

23 November 2004

Pyongyang/Rome - Despite its best harvest in ten years, the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will post another substantial food deficit in 2005 and require external aid to support more than a quarter of its 23.7 million people, WFP and the FAO said in a joint press release.