Korea, Democratic People's Republic (DPRK)

News release

2 September 2004

Beijing With its cereals stocks in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea all but exhausted and little in the pipeline, WFP calls for urgent international assistance to help feed 6.5 million of the country\'s hungriest people.

5 June 2004

Seoul - While the international community has rushed to the rescue of victims of last month\'s deadly train explosion in North Korea, aid programmes to help millions of other needy people across the country remain critically under-funded, says a senior United Nations official.

8 May 2004

Rome - WFP today warmly welcomed a donation of some US$40 million from the Japanese Government to help millions of needy people in North Korea. This major contribution, approved earlier today by the Japanese Cabinet, is part of a pledge made by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in May for 250,000 metric tons of food aid to North Korea.

27 April 2004

Beijing - WFP has delivered the first humanitarian assistance to hospital victims of North Korea\'s railway disaster, and is pledging to feed thousands of others left injured or homeless for as long as necessary despite severe funding shortages.

25 February 2004

Pyongyang WFP announces that it has taken extraordinary measures to partially resume food supplies to North Korea\'s hungriest people. But it warned that 1.5 million vulnerable people will still go hungry over the next six weeks, and that without additional donations soon, millions of malnourished will be deprived of food in the second half of the year.

13 February 2004

Auckland - WFP Executive Director James Morris warmly welcomes a NZ$370,000 (US$250,000) donation by New Zealand to the cash-strapped WFP emergency operation in North Korea, which was announced as he began his first official visit to the country.

8 February 2004

Pyongyang WFP welcomes the arrival of a major shipment of Russian food aid that will help support millions of malnourished children and women in the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea over the coming weeks. The donation is the largest part of an $11 million dollar contribution by Russia, it\'s first ever through WFP.