Crop Production, Focus on Women
9 December 2013

In a remote Kyrgyz village, Shayirkul Adreshova had the seemingly impossible dream of becoming a successful business woman whose products sell internationally. The dream turned into reality three years after she had joined a WFP food-for-assets project that assists vulnerable rural women. She is now part of a small group of women farmers who provide medicinal herbs to European markets, including valerian that is most often used to treat insomnia.

Food for Assets
12 April 2013

The residents of a small southern Kyrgyz village will never again have to scoop water from a dirty, and often dry, clay pond. For the first time, people in Kerme-Too will soon be able to get water from a tap after WFP and the German Government's development agency (GIZ) complete the construction of three water reservoirs.

General Food Distribution
25 January 2013

When Zamira Suyunalieva adopted new-born Ariet who was left at her door, she was already struggling to feed her own children. But on a cold, sunny day in the small village of Kyrk-Kazyk no one seemed happier than Zamira as she brought home a ration of food staples. She knew that her six children will stay fed and healthy throughout the freezing winter.

Focus on Women
17 September 2012
When you see energetic and self-confident Jarkyn Smanalieva rushing from one house to the other calling women for a community meeting in the small mountainous village of Madaniyat east of Bishkek, you would never guess that only three years ago she was an exhausted mother of four.
Food for Assets
30 July 2012

WFP’s food-for-assets activities brought jobs and revived hope for about a hundred people in the isolated village of Min-Kush. The village is nestled in the mountains in the remote province of Naryn, Kyrgyzstan’s poorest region.

21 June 2012

WFP seasonal assistance to the poorest rural communities across the country helps many families cope with the consequences of the harsh winter they had been through. The family of thirty-year old Burulbu Moldomusaeva is among those families who have been worst-hit by the cold season and has benefited from WFP food assistance.

Focus on Women
22 March 2012

In Nooruz, a New Year’s Day for Kyrgyzstan, Ainura Jumagulova, who lives in a remote Issyk-Kul village of Kyzyl-Suu, will work hard to make her festive food somewhat different from her usual bread and tea.

Food for Assets
30 January 2012

In Mashrap Sai, a small village in southern Kyrgyzstan, reconstructing a bridge connecting its residents to the neighbouring village has positively influenced both trade and education.  Daniyar Saryev, a father of five school-aged children, was able to safely send his children to school and also make a living.

2 November 2011

Bolot Urbaev is a father of 10 from a small village named Toguz-Bulak. His village is in a swampy isolated corner of Issyk-Kul, which has been neglected by local authorities and relief organizations for years. Every spring Urbaev and over 2,000 other villagers nervously monitor ground water levels, which pose a constant threat to their homes and harvests.

Focus on Women
4 July 2011
4,000 most vulnerable women-headed households across Kyrgyzstan received high quality seeds and technical know-how to start growing vegetables for consumption and sale bringing them a hope for better food security while regaining community respect.