Capacity Building, Emergencies, Food Security Analysis
26 September 2013

This evaluation of food security cluster coordination mechanisms was jointly commissioned by the Offices of Evaluation of WFP and FAO – the cluster’s lead agencies.

The evaluation focuses on the utility and effects of food security coordination at the country level. The evaluation concludes that effective food security coordination creates clear benefits for humanitarian organizations and the coverage of interventions. It is broadly supported by international humanitarian actors, who perceive investments in coordination to be largely worthwhile.

However, certain constraints undermine their relevance to operations and put current achievements at risk. The evaluation recommends advocating with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee to reduce the demands of system-wide processes; clarifying roles and responsibilities in the coordination architecture; advocating for greater donor commitment to food security coordination; enhancing the lead agencies’ commitment to and capacity for food security coordination; strengthening the Global Support Team’s capacity to deploy experienced coordination staff; mentoring to promote operationally relevant coordination; and enhancing the involvement of national, local and non-traditional humanitarian actors.

Capacity Building, Emergencies, Food for Assets, Gender, General Food Distribution
20 July 2012

This country portfolio evaluation managed by the WFP Office of Evaluation covers the period since WFP started operating in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2008 and assesses: i) the alignment and strategic positioning of WFP’s operations in the country; ii) the drivers of key strategic decisions; and iii) the performance and results of WFP operations. 

The evaluation found the WFP activities appropriate, and their delivery highly efficient. During the periods when food assistance is provided, it has made a measurable contribution to recipient household income, which has led to more predictable consumption of staples amongst some of the poorest households at critical times. While the portfolio has gradually moved towards a better strategic positioning and alignment with government priorities, there is however a need to better integrate the food assistance programme within the national social protection efforts.