Crop and Food Assessments, Droughts, Emergencies, Floods, Food Security Analysis, General Food Distribution
30 March 2011

Thousands of families in central and southern Laos will need both immediate and medium term assistance before the next rice harvest in October 2011. People who are already vulnerable to food insecurity after Typhoon Ketsana hit the region in 2009 were struck hard by a 2010 drought lasting throughout June and localized flash floods.


Focus on Women, Nutrition
16 February 2011

In Lao PDR, chronic malnutrition remains one of the major challenges for development, affecting nearly 300,000 children under five years of age. In rural areas, every second child is not getting the chance to develop to their full potential. With an innovative project called Feeding the Future, WFP is taking nutrition education to remote villages, teaching young mothers and other care-givers the importance of a complete and diverse diet.

Floods, Hurricanes
3 October 2009

WFP is providing emergency food assistance to families in southern Laos where Typhoon Ketsana – the same one that hit the Philippines on September 26 - has caused more severe floods, this time affecting some 250,000 people.

Food Security Analysis, School Meals
2 June 2009

Laos is on track to meet targets on primary school enrolment and reducing child mortality, but stronger action is needed on reducing hunger, according to the latest Millennium Development Goals report on the Asian country.

School Meals
13 March 2009

Thirty million people assisted, 30 years of cooperation, US$30 million in donations - a photo exhibition held in Beijing offered a graphic chronicle of WFP's collaboration with the Chinese government in the fight against hunger and poverty.

21 September 2007

WFPhas welcomed a critical contribution from the Republic of Korea for WFP food assistance for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR).

22 March 2007

The Hmong people live without running water and electricity in the isolated hills of Laos. WFP intern Anke Kampshreur went to see a road project which is paving the way to the outside world.