Baseline Assessments, Food Security Analysis
30 September 2013

In the context of a growing body of data across multiple sectors in Lao PDR, the Food and Nutrition Security Atlas was initiated with the aim of providing an up-to-date synthesis of available information on the food and nutrition security situation in the country. The Atlas summarizes the key issues affecting rural households, including social, economic, and political context, rural livelihood assets and strategies, food access, caring practices, water and sanitation, nutrition outcomes, and household vulnerability. Easily understandable thematic maps accompany the analysis to geographically situation the most vulnerable.

Baseline Assessments, Food Security Analysis
31 December 2007

This is the first country-wide food security study undertaken in rural Lao PDR. It provides WFP and its partners with a good understanding of the nature and extent of rural food insecurity and suggests sustainable interventions that could address these issues.