Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2010

The end of the conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone has led to an increase in agricultural production and trade. Recent market monitoring activities in both countries have identified cross-border trade as a factor affecting aggregate and household food security. This study aims to further investigate the issue, thereby contributing to a better knowledge of the determinants of household food security. This report offers an overview of the main cross-border trade flows, an analysis of the market actor’s characteristics and a discussion of the link between cross-border trade and household food security.

Livelihoods, Livestock Prices, Market Analysis, Monitoring, Terms of Trade, Food Security Analysis
30 November 2009

The Liberia Market Information System (LMIS) is a component of the Liberia Food Security Monitoring System (FSNMS). Its purpose is to monitor and analyze commodity prices in order to inform stakeholders: of food price changes over time, at different locations and in different seasons; and how prices of staples change relative to other local commodities that are key sources of income for vulnerable households.

Market Analysis, Monitoring, Food Security Analysis
31 October 2008

This bulletin provides members of the regional-level Food Security and Nutrition and decision-makers in West Africa with an overview of the food security situation, including the impliaction of international and sub-regional market trends. On West African ma

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
9 October 2008

This assessment provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential
impacts on the cost of the basic food basket.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 July 2008

A rapid assessment of the impact of rising prices on household food security was carried out in July 2008 to support the design of appropriate and proportionate programs in Liberia. This joint UN survey (FAO, UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, and UNMIL) was implemented.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 July 2007

The market review profile describes the basic structure of markets and analyses the relationship between household food security and the performance of markets, particularly during a shock.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2006

Analysis was set to identify missing or poor information on national markets , cross-border trade and variables underlying the pricing of products needed to food security of the Sahel.