School Meals
9 April 2014

In Tuléar, a highly food-insecure region of southern Madagascar, many vulnerable children fetch water instead of going to school. WFP is working to ensure their families realize the importance of education. 

School Meals
14 February 2014

A contribution from the European Union to Madagascar's school meals programme enables the World Food Programme to provide daily school meals in primary schools in the southern part of the island.

Food for Assets
4 September 2013

The south eastern region of Madagascar is prone to cyclones and floods which can have real impact on people's livelihoods and their ability to feed themselves. Thanks to donations from Brazil and Spain, a World Food Programme initiative has been able to help communities become more resilient to such shocks. One beneficiary of the project, Jean Berthin, tells of the difference it has made in his life.

Food for Assets
22 August 2013

The eastern region of Madagascar is regularly hit by cyclones and flooding, causing damage to crops and agricultural infrastructure. When this happens, livelihoods and food insecurity are placed at risk. This is where WFP’s food-for-assets initiatives come in – they help communities get back on their feet and be better prepared for future shocks. 

Food for Assets, School Meals
27 May 2013

On 15 May, German Ambassador Ulrich Hochschild and French Ambassador François Goldblatt visited number of different projects in southern Madagascar.

School Meals
5 March 2013

Around the world, WFP's school meals programme helps improve students’ performance in class and reduce their drop-out rate. But underfunding has led to cutbacks in Madagascar. This is the story of their impact on two of the island’s children.

23 November 2012

TSIVORY, Madagascar – For years, the “Hery Mitambatra” farmers association in southern Madagascar has struggled to sell its surplus maize harvest. But in 2012, the 150 members sold their grain to the World Food Programme (WFP) at a fair price, thanks to a new collaboration.

Food for Assets
8 August 2012


The Japanese Government has allocated US$ 2 million to purchase 2,000mt of food, which has now arrived in Madagascar and will be distributed through food-for-work activities in cyclone affected eastern and southeastern regions.  


Focus on Women, Food for Assets
18 May 2012

Three months have passed since cyclones hit the eastern and the southeastern regions of Madagascar. WFP is helping  the most affected communities to rebuild their lives and livelihoods.

22 February 2012

The National Office for Natural Disaster Preparedness (BNGRC) estimates that as many as 259,000 people were affected when Cyclone Giovanna hit Madagascar in mid-February. This is the story of one of those people and of how WFP prepared for the cyclone season.