31 January 2007

Despite China’s rapid economic growth and India’s healthy democracy, you could say that there’s one area where Africa beats the Asian giants: in the famine stakes. Dr Stephen Devereux, editor of the book “The New Famines” (Routledge 2006) talks to WFP web writer Michelle Hough about why Africa is on the frontline of the chronic hunger battle.

8 December 2006

James T. Morris, the U.N. Special Envoy for Southern Africa, on Saturday praised the Government of Malawi, UN agencies, and non-government organizations (NGOs) for helping to stave off food crises in the last few years but urged all actors to now embrace other challenges facing the country.

27 November 2006

WFP and partner, TNT, have joined the HIV/AIDS frontline in Malawi by opening a clinic for truckers to identify and treat sexually transmitted infections. Robin Landis, HIV/AIDS Programme Adviser at WFP, looks at how the Muyende Bwino pit stop helps this hard to reach group.

29 June 2006

HIV/AIDS is aggravating chronic hunger in southern Africa and despite better harvests across the region, more than three million people will remain short of basic food supplies through to December.

23 May 2006

Last year, WFP's webeditor Chris Endean went on a mission to Malawi, reporting on the the HIV epidemic and the food crisis. In a follow up story, WFP spokesperson Patricia Lucas returns to the village of Njoho to see what has changed.

10 May 2006

Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis has announced a new donation of €1.2 million and signed an agreement with WFP reinforcing Greece’s increasing commitment to meet humanitarian needs around the globe.

7 February 2006

James T. Morris, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Humanitarian Needs in Southern Africa, has applauded the support shown by donors in helping millions of Malawians survive a major food crisis.

22 December 2005

While much of the rest of the world feasts over the holiday season, more than nine million southern Africans face an uncertain future in 2006 because WFP lacks the funding to deliver enough food aid to the hungriest in the region.

5 December 2005

A new centre set up by WFP and TNT at a busy border crossing between Malawi and Mozambique is providing information and medical advice to the truckers in transit, a high-risk mobile community. WFP spokesperson Stephanie Savariaud reports.