Airdrops, Climate Change, Emergencies, Floods, Logistics, Nutrition
20 February 2015

One month after historic floods engulfed much of southern Malawi in January 2015, devastating the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands, WFP continues to respond to the crisis by providing food assistance to flood-affected people and logistics support to the entire humanitarian community. 

20 January 2015

It is estimated that floods have left scores dead and more than 100,000 people displaced from their homes in Malawi. The World Food Programme started food distributions in some of the worst-affected areas within days of the President of Malawi declaring a disaster in 15 of the country's 28 districts. 

Focus on Women, Gender, School Meals
15 October 2014

International Day of Rural Women is celebrated on 15 October to promote rural women as key players in making the changes necessary for sustainable development, including improving food security. In honour of the day and to promote gender equality, WFP in Malawi is helping to empower women volunteer cooks in the school meals programme.

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3 October 2014

WFP purchases maize from Malawian farmers to provide assistance to the growing refugee population in Malawi. In boosting local market activity and meeting the food needs of the refugees, everyone benefits.

18 August 2014

Lilongwe – In anticipation of World Humanitarian Day on 19 August, WFP is joining other organizations and agencies around the globe to acknowledge the heroes who risk their lives every day to help people in need. WFP Malawi spoke to one of its own humanitarian heroes, Gregorio Kambuwa, who retired last month at the age of 65 after having served on the team for 15 years.

P4P Stories from the field, Gender, General Food Distribution, Procurement, Purchase for Progress
22 July 2014

WFP is using what's known as the Warehouse Receipt System to procure food directly from small-scale farmers in Malawi. By selling to WFP through this innovative system, Alice, a farmer in Lilongwe district, was able to access a loan for the first time. 

P4P Stories from the field, Nutrition, Purchase for Progress, School Meals
4 July 2014

This year, International Co-operative Day, celebrated on 5 July, has the theme 'Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all.' In Malawi, WFP works with smallholder farming co-ops in its Home Grown School Feeding programme to sustain a cycle of community development.

Cash and Vouchers
2 June 2014

Zione Black says WFP's emergency cash transfers have helped her buy the food her family needs. She is one of nearly 2 million vulnerable Malawians who averted hunger with WFP assistance during the 2013/14 hunger season.

P4P Stories from the field
15 May 2014

A partnership between WFP and a farmers' co-op has had some far-reaching consequences for its members - and some unexpected benefits for the women on its management committee.

Focus on Women, Gender, School Meals
22 April 2014

Alice Kankhwala was one of the first students to receive WFP school meals in 1999. Fifteen years later, she is now a teacher, inspiring young girls to follow her example and complete their education too.