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12 February 2015

Until the floods came, Esperança Gonçalves (34) had been living a quiet life, running her shop and earning enough to feed her family of six in Mocuba, Quelimane province, northern Mozambique.

School Meals
11 April 2014

Community involvement forms a key aspect of WFP's successful School Feeding programmes. At one primary school in Tete province, the volunteers, school staff, and students tell of the impact this has had at their school...

Cash and Vouchers
4 April 2014

WFP’s Cash for Work programme in Tete province has allowed food-insecure households to generate critical income during the lean season - the period before harvest when food is scarce. One participant describes her experience of the programme…

School Meals
7 March 2014

Gelito Abel (11) used to be faced with a difficult decision when he woke up – whether to go to school and be hungry or to stay at home looking for something to eat. That was before meals were served daily in his school in Massecha village in Tete province.

2 September 2013

Grandmother Alzira Chingalane was happy to see a marked improvement in the health of her grand-children after they started receiving supplementary feeding assistance from WFP.

Food for Assets
29 August 2013

Rostalina Viana doesn’t remember her age, but she does remember the day that her husband was killed during the civil war more than two decades ago. Left alone to care for three children, Rostalina struggled to make ends meet. 

23 July 2013

Albertina Naftal (9) lives with her parents, two brothers and two sisters in a hut made of sticks and grass in the village of Muchenga, in Changara, west of Mozambique.

29 January 2013

WFP and the rest of the humanitarian community in Mozambique have mobilized to help the large numbers of people displaced by seasonal flooding in southern Mozambique. The needs are huge and - with ominous weather systems looming on the horizon - the struggle is far from over.

8 June 2012

In Mozambique, WFP provides nutritional food to help ease the burden of high rates of both malnutrition and HIV. This food helps twins like Sandra and Guida regain their health.

Purchase for Progress
19 April 2012

WFP has a wide variety of innovative tools with which to address the causes of hunger. Often hunger solutions require thinking outside the box, especially when addressing multi-causal challenges such as chronic malnutrition.  But here is a clever piece of kit that involves 'inside the box' thinking. Not only does it feature an attractive also offers a creative solution for some pressing challenges in the agricultural sector.