Food for Assets
5 August 2010

“Before, most of time the land would remain unused as there was no irrigation, but now with this pond we can do something about it.”– Khina Biswokarma

Food for Assets
5 August 2010

In Baitadi, one of the poorest and most isolated districts in Nepal, a 32km long road is being built as part of the Dehimandu-Giregada Rural Road Construction Project over the next three years to provide improved access to markets and livelihood opportunities for over 6,000 local households.

3 August 2010

Despite the monsoon downpour on 20 July, more than 400 people flowed through the gallery space of Nepal Arts Council on the opening night of WFP’s photo exhibition, “The Life of Food in Nepal”. Showcasing 46 works taken by 18 photographers across the country, the exhibition celebrates the central role food plays in the lives of the Nepalese people and Nepalese culture.

2 October 2009

Iranian-born singer Loulou Ghelichkhani, vocalist with Washington DC band Thievery Corporation, believes musicians have a unique opportunity to raise awareness about hunger. She says Thievery’s partnership with WFP is one of the reasons she’s in the band.

Food for Assets
4 June 2009

Transport links in remote areas of Nepal are poor, making it hard for people to get their produce to market. A WFP project to build a road opened up new horizons for one construction worker turned entrepreneur.

School Meals
29 May 2009

The launch of a school feeding programme in a poor district of Western Nepal has successfully channeled nutritious food to families struggling with high food prices while at the same time raised the number of students -- especially girls – getting primary education.

Food for Assets
25 January 2009

WFP is helping poor communities in northern Nepal to cultivate precious medicinal plants which, as well as soothing fevers and toothaches, can become a source of income. Laura Melo explains.

2 October 2008

Just a month after floods devastated a huge swathe of Nepal’s eastern region, floods have again ravaged the Himalayan republic – this time in the west.

30 January 2008

WFP staff often face challenges that call for quiet and persistent acts of bravery. Subhash Singh is one of those people. He spoke to Heather Hill about some hair-raising moments during his time working for WFP in Nepal.

10 January 2008

Nepal may be small, but the mountainous country presents vast logistical challenges to WFP. Country Director Richard Ragan talks to web writer Michelle Hough about the peace process and WFP's creative responses to Nepal's challenges.