Nepal earthquake
2 June 2015

For many of the World Food Programme's (WFP) staff in Nepal, the quake has taken a personal toll, destroying homes and affecting families, but they continue to work in order to deliver humanitarian assistance to the thousands of survivors who need it most.

Nepal earthquake
25 May 2015

The World Food Programme's (WFP) response to the Nepal earthquake that struck the nation one month ago today has been to reach survivors in high-altitude areas that are hard to access. In the month since, WFP has distributed food to more than 1.7 million people in the worst-affected areas.


19 May 2015

A team of elite mountain climbers is helping the World Food Programme (WFP) reach earthquake survivors in some of Nepal’s toughest mountain terrain, areas that helicopters and trucks can’t reach.

Nepal earthquake
13 May 2015

Within hours of the quake, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) carried out an aerial assessment mission, with the Emergency Coordinator, Richard Ragan, flying by helicopter to the affected area and speaking to officials on the ground.

Nepal earthquake
7 May 2015

When April’s devastating earthquake rattled Nepal, killing thousands and affecting millions more, the World Food Programme’s corporate partners in Asia and across the globe went into action – donating money and launching public fundraising appeals to ensure WFP can feed those in desperate need.

Nepal earthquake
6 May 2015

Afraid, shaken and not knowing what to do, Bimala thought she had lost her daughter in the earthquake.

Nepal earthquake
6 May 2015

Collaboration between humanitarians, service providers and government authorities in Nepal is enabling life-saving connectivity.

Executive Director - Ertharin Cousin
5 May 2015

WFP must reach 1.4 million people; but not just with food – survivors urgently need tarpaulins and tents, as well as water purification tablets which WFP will help deliver for our humanitarian partners.

Nepal earthquake
30 April 2015

For the families still sleeping outside in the city’s makeshift tent districts, life is very far from back to normal. Many families have lost their homes so even though the tremors have stopped, for now, they have no place to return to. 

28 April 2015

I have never strongly understood the importance of our organisation's work until this devastating emergency. Despite all my grief for the situation the earthquake has caused, I feel privileged to be here in Nepal, being able to make an impact.