Food Prices
23 October 2012

Food prices have been on the rise in the Himalayan nation – one of the poorest countries in the world – where nearly a quarter of the 26 million population live below the national poverty line.

Climate Change, Food for Assets
12 September 2012

“I was so happy when WFP distributed rice and lentils in the village,” said Sukaram, recalling the first time he received food. “Not having enough food has always been a bitter fact of our life."

Capacity Building, Food Security Analysis
22 August 2012

When your job is to crisscross one of the world's most rugged and isolated mountainous areas to collect real-time information about the food security status of people living there, how would you do it in the most efficient way possible?

Livelihoods, Capacity Building, Focus on Women, Food for Assets
10 July 2012

 “I can’t describe in words how thankful I am to WFP and GIZ for showing us the way to overcome poverty and making us independent and self-reliant,” says Pabitra as she started weeding the garlic field with a hoe. “I had always felt my life was cursed but their (WFP and GIZ) support has turned it into a blessing.” 

School Meals
3 July 2012

500 kilometers.
780 minutes of footage.
144 hours on the road.
A team's journey to reach a school in the mountains.

School Meals
5 June 2012

Seventy-year-old Nandakala Singh, who receives WFP School Meals, proves that age is just a number when one has the heart to learn.

Capacity Building, Food for Assets
20 April 2012

"For years, I had been migrating to India to escape poverty. With this WFP-supported training, there is no reason to go to India again. Why should I go to India when I can make a living here from organic farming?" -- Chandra Saud, former WFP beneficiary

Focus on Women, Nutrition
3 February 2012

A housewife and mother of two, Radha Devi is a busy bee when it comes to doing household chores every day. But once every month she doesn’t forget to visit the health post where she receives vital medical checkup for herself and her 16-month-old son under WFP’s Mother and Child Health Care (MCHC) programme.

Food for Assets
9 December 2011

Raj Bahadur Malla, a farmer in western Nepal, has often seen his surplus rice and vegetables go to waste when he could have sold them at market if only there were a road to get them there. Soon there will be, thanks to an EU-supported project providing him and his neighbors with food while they clear a road to a nearby town.

Focus on Women, Food for Assets
1 December 2011

Kanukura, 33, says that carrying water up the mountain slopes to her village used to be the hardest part of her day. It’s a job that mainly fell to women in this part of Nepal, who faced a backbreaking climb when they needed water. But that’s changed now, thanks to a new village tap, from which women like Kanukura can get  clean drinking water whenever they need it.