Hunger in the news

22 March 2012

Several humanitarian organizations are warning about an upcoming hunger crisis in West Africa. According to a recent assessment, it might affect Niger in particular, where the situation is already critical. (..) The study was undertaken by a coalition of international humanitarian organizations including, Care, Oxfam, Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the government of Niger supported the assessment.

15 March 2012

Aid agencies say funding is urgently needed to stave off a food crisis in the band of dry, drought-ridden territory that stretches from Senegal to Chad called the Sahel. (..) Humanitarian workers say severe food shortages threaten more than six million people in Niger. All together, United Nations agencies, including the World Food Program, are calling for just over $1 billion to head off the food crisis in the Sahel this year.

13 March 2012

More than six million people in Niger need immediate help as the country faces a persistent food crisis due to drought and a number of other factors, the UN and humanitarian group Oxfam said Monday. (..) The government in Niamey said last month that the country will face a cereal shortage this year of 692,000 tonnes, or 14 per cent of the needs of its population of 15 million.

9 March 2012

In Niger, efforts to prevent a major food crisis are underway, after the government declared that an estimated 5 million people, or one third of the population, could be at risk from shortages. “Niger is in a situation of crisis” says Denise Brown, head of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) in Niger. “Women and children are suffering the most – people simply cannot get enough food to put on the table.”

28 February 2012

No babies cry and the children are not even curious about the presence of strangers. “It is hunger and they are shy - they are not used to strangers,” explained one of the mothers, who is among a couple of thousand Malians who have crossed into southwestern Niger and sought refuge in the windswept village of Gaoudel, Ayorou District, after fleeing clashes between Malian government troops and Tuareg rebels.

23 February 2012

The international community must urgently aid tens of thousands of people who have fled fighting in northern Mali and prevent their displacement from burdening host communities already hit by food insecurity, an official of the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said. (..) More than 55,000 people have fled Mali into neighbouring Niger, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso while another 60,000 are internally displaced within Mali since fighting erupted, the official said.

21 February 2012

The United Nations is warning of a new food crisis in Africa, with droughts and poor harvests leaving more than 10 million people in need of assistance. Niger, Burkino Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Cameroon and Nigeria have all declared states of emergency in relation to the drought.

20 February 2012

More than 20,000 Malians are now in the border region of Tillaberi, many in areas where villagers are facing severe food insecurity and malnutrition. (..) Niger’s ‘hungry season’, usually April to November, sees malnutrition rates rise - especially in young children - with a peak in June. But medics at Tillaberi’s intensive therapeutic feeding centre expect the worst to hit as early as April this year.

20 February 2012

With tears now rolling down her cheeks Dije says, "I don't have any milk. I haven't eaten lately. (..) She knows what every breastfeeding mother knows -- if you don't eat, you don't make milk. But she knows something mothers in developed countries don't: If you don't make milk, your baby dies. (..) CARE started a cash-for-work program in partnership with the World Food Programme, to help families buy food.

15 February 2012

The world needs to act together and act now to prevent the drought and severe food shortages in the Sahel turning into famine, an emergency meeting at the World Food Programme was told on Wednesday.