Market Analysis, Monitoring, Food Security Analysis
31 October 2008

This bulletin provides members of the regional-level Food Security and Nutrition and decision-makers in West Africa with an overview of the food security situation, including the impliaction of international and sub-regional market trends. On West African ma

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 May 2006

Analysis was set to identify missing or poor information on national markets , cross-border trade and variables underlying the pricing of products needed to food security of the Sahel.

Market Analysis, Food Security Analysis
31 August 2005

With funding from the Strengthening Emergency Needs Assessment Capacity (SENAC) project, in June 2005 WFP launched a study of the cereal markets in Niger. The objectives were to gain a better understanding of how markets function, to develop tools for tracking market indicators and to explain the price fluctuations since the last harvest in October 2004. An interim report dealing with the latter issue was published on 17 August 2005. The current ‘market profile’ not only discusses the 2004/2005 price increases, but also with how the markets function and the tools for monitoring the markets.