Hunger in the news

17 November 2010

United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) on Tuesday appealed the international community to provide financial aid for relief and rehabilitation of flood-affectees as at least two billion USD are required on urgent basis to carry out rehab operation successfully. (..) Another representative of WFP Jackie Dent said that due to flood the animals and livestock destroyed on large scale. Now the biggest challenge, which WFP was facing to distribute seeds and fertilizers among the affected farmers so they could grow crops during winter season.

11 November 2010

Hundreds of students and their parents from rural areas in Azad Kashmir are forced to migrate to urban areas in hopes of better results for their sons and daughters in annual examinations in the wake of a steep decline in the standard of education in institutions in their respective areas because of the absence of teaching staff. (..) Officials of the World Food Programme (WFP), which distributes ghee and other food items among primary school children, to increase their enrolment in Azad Kashmir, have also attributed falling attendance to absence of teachers and the tendency of government-appointed teachers to ‘hire’ local unemployed persons to perform duty on their behalf.

11 November 2010

THE water came slowly, masking its power with sluggishness. But Farooq Tariq, a human rights activist long accustomed to helping hapless civilians through Pakistani disasters, knew it meant trouble. (..) But pledges of aid amount to just 40 percent of the total required, according to the United Nations. The World Food Program may have to cut rations for many of the displaced unless the pace of donations picks up.

10 November 2010

Pakistan, United States and World Food Programme Wednesday completed the Marine Corps Flood Mission in Pakistan’s flood affected areas, said a statement issued by American embassy.

9 November 2010

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said today it has received a $90 million donation from the United States which, combined with other recent contributions, will help prevent a reduction in food aid to millions of people affected by the recent catastrophic floods in Pakistan. “With these funds behind us, we can ensure an uninterrupted flow of food assistance to the hungriest and the most vulnerable in Pakistan, especially young children,” WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran,said in a statement in Rome, which was also issed at UN Headquarters in New York.

8 November 2010

Here is the latest from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) about 100 days after massive flooding struck Pakistan: -WFP’s emergency food assistance in Pakistan ramped up from feeding 3 million people in August to targeting 7.5 million in November and is now transitioning towards early recovery activities.

8 November 2010

With the onset of winter, UN agencies fear lack of funding could lead to greater threats for flood victims in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan. (..) “Although we are short on funding we are trying to prepare for food supplies in the north,” said Amjad Jamal World Food Programme (WFP) spokesperson. “We have stocks for about one month, but we will continue to distribute them by adopting a half-ration strategy by December. In the meantime, WFP is continuing its efforts to get more funding,” Jamal added.

2 November 2010

The World Food Programme (WFP) has been left with only one month’s worth of rations for Pakistan’s flood victims. WFP spokesperson Amjad Jamal said that in isolated areas like the North of Pakistan where flood victims are extremely vulnerable, the WFP will supply full rations. But rations to parts of Sindh, Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan will be halved in November, and may be closed completely if adequate funds are not received.

25 October 2010

In a bustling street of a downtown area, a police constable sells lemon juice outside a private hospital when he is off-duty and in his normal clothes. (..) A recent report jointly published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Food Programme provides further evidence to the increasing levels of poverty in the country. (..) The study links several recent incidents of violence to the food crisis, including the 2009 bombing of a World Food Programme office in Islamabad.

14 October 2010

As winter approaches on Pakistan's flooded southern plains, thousands of malnourished children are living in dirty, spartan tents without prospect of a home, officials and UN workers say. (..) As the season cools and winter rains arrive, UN officials at the World Food Programme said that stockpiling food is an urgent issue."Rapid assessments of nutritional status and clinical observations strongly suggest that rates of acute malnutrition are rising," said WFP spokeswoman Jackie Dent.