Hunger in the news

17 June 2009

The ranks of the doubters are diminishing by the day. It is well established now that Pakistan’s government and its security personnel are committed in their resolve to engage the forces of militancy and quell the obscurantists’ bid for power. (..)The World Food Programme is running out of food. The new US aid-to-Pakistan bill may still be months in the making. The EU has failed us in our hour of need and the Muslim world even more so.

16 June 2009

U.S. envoy Richard C. Holbrooke, red-faced and sweaty, sat on the dirt floor of a stifling tent as Aslam Khan, a 38-year-old laborer, spoke haltingly of his family's panicked flight from a Pakistani army offensive against Taliban forces in their mountain village, three hours north of here. (..) But the refugees had more immediate concerns. (..) They were given meals in a communal dining tent, but they wanted to cook their own food. They had no pots and pans. The U.N. World Food Program supplied only wheat and oil -- what could they make with that? Why were some families given electric fans and others not?

12 June 2009

Even before the explosion Tuesday at the Pearl Continental Hotel killed at least 16 people in Peshawar, Pakistan was at the center of global attention. (..) The U.N. World Food Program has devised an innovative system to feed those displaced who are living outside the camps. It has set up 25 "humanitarian hubs" within walking distance of most of the people, and families who have registered with the government can pick up supplies. "We bring food to where the people are, instead of people coming to where the food is," says Wolfgang Herbinger, head of the World Food Program in Pakistan. "But we will run out of food in a few weeks if pledges are not made now." The program is feeding 2.1 million people and is 60 percent short of its estimated costs to buy more food.

11 June 2009

In response to a request from the government of Pakistan, the United States delivered four MI-17 cargo helicopters to the Pakistani Army on Wednesday (..) On May 28, US Ambassador Patterson to Pakistan announced a $26.6 million award to the UN’s World Food Programme funding urgent humanitarian relief efforts.

11 June 2009

The United Nations has suspended its activities including humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced persons till Monday next in the wake of devastating bombing at Pearl Continental Hotel, sources say. (..) Sources said that the roles of WFP, World Health Organisation, UNHCR and UNICEF were extremely vital for the IDPs and the provincial government had been persuading the high-ranking officials of the UN to rescind the decision and ask its staffers to get back to field work. (..)The World Food Programme (WFP) had suspended work at food distribution points for internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Swat and Buner

10 June 2009

The wave of militant violence tearing through Pakistan's cities continued last night as men armed with guns and a huge bomb attacked a five-star hotel in Peshawar. (..) Those foreign aid workers caught up in the blast may have been part of the subsequent humanitarian effort. Amjad Jamal, spokesman for the World Food Programme in Pakistan, said more than 25 UN workers were staying at the hotel at the time of the attack.

9 June 2009

The United Nations’ appeal for $543 million needed to provide help to over 2.5 million civilians displaced from Pakistan’s north-west remains under-funded, U.N. official said Monday as the world body pressed on with its relief efforts. (..) Meanwhile, the World Food Programme (WFP) is streaming critically needed food assistance to the suffering people and helping to bring stability to the region through an innovative system, which is helping to feed and protect victims.

9 June 2009

The United Nations World Food Programme has planned to provide food assistance to 2.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), who have fled fighting between the Taliban and military forces in the country’s northwest, during the months of July and August. In an interview yesterday, Country Representative WFP Wolfgang Herbinger said the number of IDPs staying in camps represents less than 20 percent of all registered IDPs.

9 June 2009

There is a major influx of displaced population from Swat, Buner, and Lower Dir in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. According to media sources, a total of 2.5 million people have been displaced so far. (..) CWS had a special meeting with the UN World Food Programme to discuss the food distribution needs and avoid any duplication in assistance provided.

9 June 2009

Militants opened fire on security guards and rushed a small truck packed with explosives through the gates of a five-star hotel in this northwestern city on Tuesday, detonating the payload in the parking lot and killing at least 11 people and wounding 55, Pakistani officials said. (..) Two officials for the World Food Program were wounded, one, from Madagascar, critically, said Paul Risley, a spokesman for the aid agency.