News release

25 October 2005

Just over two weeks after the earthquake in north-eastern Pakistan and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, WFP warns that blocked roads, snow and a lack of funding could create a death trap for tens of thousands of people who survived

25 October 2005

WFP chief urges more donor support, while on 3-day visit to Japan.

21 October 2005

Funding shortfall as relief operations in Pakistan continue. WFP says that with fast action from donors, unnecessary deaths and suffering could be avoided among earthquake victims.

18 October 2005

The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, says that the logistical challenge of reaching the hundreds of thousands of people in desperate need of assistance after the 8 October earthquake is one of the toughest the aid world has ever faced and warns that time is running out.

17 October 2005

With helicopters grounded by low cloud, rain and snow and many roads still blocked by landslides, WFP begins using packhorses and mules to bring emergency rations to survivors of the 8 October earthquake in remote mountain areas in Pakistan and Pakistani-administered Kashmir