8 May 2009

WFP has revised contingency plans and is preparing to provide food assistance to as many as one million IDPs in Pakistan’s troubled border regions with Afghanistan in the wake of new fighting between the Pakistan army and insurgents.

School Meals
16 March 2009

Pakistan, riven by political tensions in the last few days, has an ongoing need for food assistance which has deepened recently due to high food prices, conflict and natural disasters. In response, WFP is ramping up its programmes in 2009.

14 February 2009

"As the fighting increased, we had no other option but to leave our home. Life is so difficult my children are traumatized; my wife and mother are scared."

5 November 2008

WFP is distributing fortified ready-to-eat biscuits to the worst-affected District of Ziarat from WFP warehouses in Quetta. It is also supplying flour, pulses, vegetable oil and salt in ration packets in many villages.

28 September 2007

WFP has welcomed US government contributions in September totaling US$110.7 million for the hungry poor in 11 countries from Latin America to Asia. Nearly half the resources were targeted to Sudan, home to WFP’s single-largest operation in the world.

7 August 2007

WFP has begun distributing high energy biscuits and other food to victims of severe flooding in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and is preparing to step up its operations if requested by governments.

4 July 2007

In regions wracked by violence or submerged by floods, the first emergency is how to deliver enough food as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the crises counted among WFP's "global hotspots".

21 March 2007

In October 2005, the Pakistan earthquake pulverised buildings into concrete pancakes and killed an estimated 73,000 people. Amjad Jamal looks at a WFP initiative to help build quake-resistant buildings.

6 October 2006

When a massive earthquake struck Pakistan-administered Kashmir on 8th October 2005, anxious parents stopped sending their children to school. WFP's Amjad Jamal says that a WFP cooking oil ration is now making all the difference to attendance.

10 April 2006

With the help of WFP, Kashmiri women are taking their lives into their own hands and building a future from the ruins of the October earthquake. Caroline Chaumont tells us of their determination to piece their broken lives back together.