3 April 2013

The presentation of the results of the MDG-F Joint Programme on Children, Food Security and Nutrition in the city of Andahuaylas brought together public officials and representatives from regional and national institutions as well as leaders of the communities that participated in the programme.

3 April 2013

In the presence of national and local authorities, implementing partners of the MDG-F Joint Programme "Children, Food Security and Nutrition" presented the results of three years’ worth of coordinated work with government institutions and civil society organizations whose mission is the reduction of chronic malnutrition among children in Peru.

Nutrition, School Meals
22 March 2013

The Turkish diplomat, along with WFP, visits the department of Ayacucho in order to find out the impact of WFP interventions in the region, and to meet with regional authorities.

5 January 2012

The online quiz game Freerice crossed another milestone today with the addition of its one millionth registered player. The game, which allows players to raise rice for the hungry with every correct answer, has provided meals to almost 5 million people since launching in 2007.

30 November 2011

WFP and KONAMI Digital Entertainment have teamed up to create an online game with a real-world impact. Food Force puts players at the helm of the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency. It combines the multiplayer fun of other popular social media games with the ability to provide real meals to hungry children around the globe. Start playing Food Force!

13 July 2010

Traditional Peruvian cooking has turned out a secret weapon in the fight against anaemia: chicken blood. High in iron and low on cost, “sangrecita” is the key ingredient of many of Peru’s favourite dishes. WFP has published over 40 in an anti-anaemia cookbook with recipes from local mothers and world renowned chefs.

27 April 2009

Two years ago, the success of a WFP-supported project showed poor mothers in Lima the importance of good nutrition early in a child's life. Now one of those mothers is helping other moms to give their kids nutritious meals despite higher food prices.