Hunger in the news

12 November 2009

The formal resumption of the suspended peace talks between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is “imminent,”(..). Fire-fighting between the Philippine military and the MILF rebels erupted anew, displacing more than half a million people, a situation that prompted the United Nations, particularly its World Food Programme.

9 November 2009

The United Nations World Food Program has continued extending food relief to victims of storm Pepeng that devastated northern provinces last month. (..) Josette Sheeran, WFP executive director, said the agency will continue working with the Philippine government in helping victims of calamities which led to more than 500 deaths, displaced thousands of families and caused crop damages.

4 November 2009

United Nations aid agencies are at work in the Philippines and Vietnam after yet another typhoon pummeled the region (..). At least 87 people are thought to have been killed in Vietnam, the UN Country Team reported, while the UN World Food Program (WFP) said more than 115,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes in the Philippines.

29 October 2009

Security is the principal concern for thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Mindanao when considering whether to return home. "I can't return now," Ampino Lapinig said outside her one-room hut at the Notre Dame Dulawan evacuation centre in Datu Piang, where some 300 families or 1,500 people are sheltering. "It's just not safe."

29 October 2009

A joint preliminary assessment by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Filipino agricultural authorities estimates that between 100,000 and 120,000 farming households lost all of their production and assets as a result of tropical storm “Ondoy” and typhoon “Pepeng.” (..) The UN World Food Program is also using the joint agricultural assessment to determine its strategy for providing food assistance in the next five months.

27 October 2009

More than 1.5 million people are struggling to live in flooded suburbs or crowded shelters one month after devastating rains began pounding the Philippines, and officials warn no quick fix is in sight. (..) "The storms and torrential rains... have left the people of the Philippines facing one of the greatest challenges in memory," the UN's World Food Programme director, Josette Sheeran, said during a weekend visit to Manila.

23 October 2009

Pummelled by back-to-back typhoons and facing another, the Philippines is experiencing its toughest humanitarian challenge in recent history, Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), said on 23 October. The agency is providing "critical" food support to more than one million of the eight million people hit by tropical storm Ketsana and Typhoon Parma.

23 October 2009

"The world stands with you." This was the opening statement by United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Josette Sheeran before the huge crowd of Candabenios at Ms. Earth Park in Mandasig village in this town the other day.

23 October 2009

A storm moving toward the northeast of the Philippines weakened on Friday but hundreds of people fled coastal areas(..)"We need the help now," Josette Sheeran, World Food program (WFP) executive director, told reporters after touring flooded areas near the capital Manila.

22 October 2009

France has decided to provide 800, 000 euros (1.12 million U.S. dollars) to help the typhoon-hit Philippines (..). The sum will be poured immediately into the United Nation's World Food Program (WFP). According to the ministry, UN-WFP has deployed food relief of 20 million U.S. dollars in the southeast Asian country, as well as logistics and communication assistance worth 2.6 million dollars and aerial service worth 3.9 million dollars.