Climate Change, Nutrition
29 March 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? Each month between April and June 2013, we'll be unveiling a new "key" through a short film - and we want you to discover them with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, we're also giving away some limited edition WFP Moleskine notebooks. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

Focus on Women
8 March 2013

Even before joining WFP seven years ago, Baicon Macaraya, head of WFP Philippines’ Iligan sub-office, had all the tools to do her job in conflict-affected Central Mindanao. As an advocate of gender mainstreaming, Baicon has pushed towards a new outlook on women and development.

4 February 2013

An urgent need: Typhoon Bopha, which hit the Philippine island of Mindanao in early December, damaged entire communities and left many people without proper shelter and housing. A WFP-supported Cash-For-Work project helps a community rebuild 50 destroyed houses, while at the same time strengthens the community’s bond.

9 January 2013

“Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines!” These friendly words greeted me, Philipp Herzog from Germany, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. As a fellow of the Carlo-Schmid-Programme, sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German National Academic Foundation, I was assigned to support the Communications and Partnerships team of WFP Philippines for eight months -- the team responsible for reaching out to the public, for raising awareness about hunger, and for helping to forge partnerships with the public and the private sector.

14 December 2012

More than a week after Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines, WFP continues to work around the clock with the Philippine government and other partner agencies to ensure that relief items reach those who need them most.

General Food Distribution
12 December 2012

They say hope comes in all shapes and sizes. But when you’ve lost everything, how do you pick yourself up and where do you find hope?

7 December 2012

WFP is moving food and supplies to the worst hit areas of the Philippines, following a request by the government for support in coping with the aftermath of Typhoon Bopha (also known as 'Pablo'). Humanitarian needs are rising as teams reach some of the worst hit areas and assess the damage. 

1 October 2012

The Municipality of Pila in Laguna province often experiences flooding, and one of the reasons for this was the area’s clogged tributaries.  After Typhoon Ondoy severely affected the Philippines in September 2009, the local government unit (LGU) of Pila, with support from WFP, took proactive steps to help their community mitigate the impact of future natural disasters.

Edgardo Sababan, resident of Pila, recalls his family’s experience during Typhoon Ondoy, and shares how in August 2012, in the face of heavy and persistent rainfall, the LGU's and WFP’s joint efforts successfully kept the floodwaters at bay.

27 September 2012

When the combined forces of Typhoon Saola and a southwest monsoon submerged nearly a third of Metro Manila and its neighbouring province in early August 2012 , WFP Philippines immediately provided High Energy Biscuits to supplement the Philippine Government's emergency relief efforts. Marilou Perez and her seven children, who live in a slum area in Manila, were among those who received this assistance. 

Focus on Women
5 April 2012

After being displaced by conflict, the women of Manga have finally found a way to support their families. Together with other women from their community, they are helping rebuild their families' lives and re-establishing their own livelihoods.