Capacity Building
15 February 2012

As part of its humanitarian mandate,  the UN World Food Programme stands ready to complement and support relief and early recovery efforts of the Government of the Philippines if requested and based on assessed needs.  Most recently, WFP has been working with the Department of Social Welfare and Development to assist more than 250,000 people who have been affected by Tropical Storm Washi (locally called 'Sendong') that struck northern Mindanao in mid-December 2011. What many people may not know is that WFP is also working very hard to build up national and local level capacities to better prepare for natural disasters.

Capacity Building
23 January 2012

Ayeene Robles has been a field monitor for WFP in the Philippines since 2009. In a country regularly hit by devastating natural disasters, this can be a challenging job, including travelling for weeks in areas completely submerged in floods and cut-off from the outside world.

20 December 2011

In support of government relief efforts, WFP is providing urgently needed food, supplies and logistics support to boost the Philippine government’s emergency response to help thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Tropical Storm Washi, which battered Northern Mindanao over the weekend.

Food for Assets
3 November 2011

WFP in the Philippines is helping formerly displaced fishermen increase their catch.  A major upsurge in conflict in Central Mindanao in 2008 displaced over 700,000 people – the world’s largest population displacement recorded that year.  Since then, WFP has been working the with the government of the Philippines to help displaced communities rebuild their lives after returning home.

1 October 2011

In support of government relief efforts, WFP is providing immediate food assistance to communities affected by Typhoon Nesat in Northern Luzon. Flooding in the wake of the typhoon has caused displacement and damaged livelihoods in several areas of the island.

Food for Assets
12 September 2011

The fierce upsurge in conflict in Central Mindanao in 2008 displaced over 700,000 people. Among them was Efren Canto Mayor, a farmer who was tilling his fields when armed men attacked their village and forced him to flee with his family.  Now Efren has returned to the village, where WFP is helping him and the rest of the community  to rebuild lives and livelihoods.

24 June 2011

 WFP is moving quickly to provide food assistance to victims of the current torrential rains in the Maguindanao province of the Philippines, where flooding has caused serious displacement and disruption to people's livelihoods. First food distributions will start on Saturday.

School Meals
21 April 2011

Inspired to make a positive change for the world in one week, six 10-year old students take the initiative to help other children living under challenging situations, and in the process realized for themselves the value of reaching out and of having their needs met.

Focus on Women
6 April 2011

After years of conflict, women on the Philippines island of Mindanao are taking reconstruction into their own hands. Through projects to reclaim old fishing grounds, start new market gardens and recycle used rice bags into rope, these women are leading the way towards a better future for themselves and their families. Watch video

31 January 2011

Dark clouds hovering over and around the perfect cone of the iconic Mayon volcano.  Strong rains over the city of Legaspi in the province of Albay.  Flash floods and landslides across the region.  These adverse weather patterns at this time of the year come as a surprise to most Bicolanos (a term used to refer to people from the Bicol region), who usually expect the rainy season in the Philippines to have ended by September.