Hunger in the news

31 October 2011

The long drought has lifted in southern and central Somalia, with fairly good rains now falling across much of those regions gripped by famine. (..) The dominant player in food deliveries - the World Food Programme - is still not able to access the worst regions, all controlled by al-Shabab.

28 October 2011

The town of Dhobley, Somalia, sits at the gateway of hell. Just west of Dhobley is the border with Kenya, and the road to Dadaab, which hosts a giant complex of refugee camps; Dhobley has become the last stop in Somalia for a growing stream of desperate, starving people in flight from famine. In Dhobley, as well, drought has ruined crops and felled cows.

26 October 2011

The seemingly ever-increasing number of piracy attacks in the Red Sea in the vicinity of Somalia may be about to do an about-turn, if the speech of a British minister is any indication.(..)"The EU Naval Force protects the Gulf of Aden and World Food Programme shipping.

26 October 2011

While most people in the world know about the current famine in Africa, when a problem is hundreds or even thousands of miles away, it's easy to ignore it. But let's face the facts: (..). World Food Program: The World Food Program is planning to feed 7.9 million of the most vulnerable in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia and has identified an additional 2.2 million people in need in difficult-to-access areas of southern Somalia.

24 October 2011

Sri Lanka has gifted 250 metric tonnes of rice to Somalia as domestic production increased, economic development minister Basil Rajapaksa said. (..) "Our paddy stores are now full," Rajapasksa said. "We have three seasons of harvests. Up to now we have got rice from the World Food Program to be given to refugees.

24 October 2011

The United States is increasing food aid to drought-hit and strife-torn Horn of Africa nations where millions of people are at risk of starvation and malnutrition, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday. (..) "I am pleased to announce that we are providing an additional $100 million, primarily in food assistance, for drought-affected areas in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia," Clinton said in remarks prepared for delivery at a U.N. World Food Program awards ceremony.

18 October 2011

Tens of thousands of Somalis have starved to death this year from drought and famine conditions, says the United Nations, bringing a new level of urgency to World Food Day activities held over the weekend. (..) Rene McGuffin, spokeswoman for the World Food Program in Washington, said the East Africa famine response has experienced no major delays.

13 October 2011

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) on Wednesday began the distribution of food assistance purchased using a 16 million U.S. dollars donation from China to hungry families in Somalia, WFP statement said.

13 October 2011

(..) The Government also established a Disaster Management Agency, comprising members of civil society to work with the United Nations agencies such as the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Food Programme to synchronize the efforts of dealing with the famine.

12 October 2011

Responding to an appeal by the United Nations for aid to alleviate the famine in Somalia, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently made financial donations of USD 100,000 to both the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP).