Cash and Vouchers
18 May 2012

In Somaliland, thousands more people are getting fresh meat as part of their diet as the direct result of WFP using vouchers. The vouchers are being provided as the family ration to households who have a malnourished child enrolled in the Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme. Local traders are seeing the benefits we well as the money is ploughed back into their economy. Added to that, the number of children being brought for screening has risen, so it's a win-win situation all round...

Cash and Vouchers
15 May 2012

Families in the Somilaland region of northern Somalia are enjoying a more balanced diet thanks to food vouchers which they can use to shop for goods like camel and goat meat at the local market. By allowing them to buy directly from local traders, the project is also a boost for the region's economy.

17 March 2012

The World Food Programme is committed to ensuring that vital food assistance reaches the hungry in Somalia.  We know that the vast majority of our food assistance reaches the hundreds of thousands  of hungry people who depend on it every day in Mogadishu.  Across Somalia, more than one million people rely on WFP food assistance each month.

Droughts, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs, Nutrition
24 February 2012

WFP is reaching up to 1.3 million people with food relief in those parts of Somalia to which we have access. These include Puntland, Somaliland, central regions, Mogadishu and some border areas of the south. To assist the most vulnerable, WFP has increased its nutrition programmes using specialized products both to prevent and treat malnutrition in young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Nutrition programmes now make up some 63 percent of WFP's activities in Somalia.

Droughts, Nutrition
29 December 2011

It isn't often that amidst the sadness and strife of a crisis, you meet someone who has lost a lot but who makes you laugh.  This is what happened to me in a small health clinic in the back of beyond in Fiqi Adan, Somaliland.

Droughts, School Meals
22 December 2011

The droughts have been harsh for years and this left the family no choice but to change their lifestyle and abandon their pastoralist ways. For two children in Fiqi Adan Village, school means much more than receiving an education.

30 November 2011

WFP staff in Somalia depend on generators for power, but poor-quality diesel fuel in the country can lead to frequent breakdowns. To tackle the problem, a WFP IT expert has devised a custom filtering system which protects the generator from impurities. Deployed across the country, the system has helped to provide aid workers with a more reliable source of power.

Droughts, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
23 November 2011

A visit to a centre where hot meals are served in Mogadishu reveals that, while many people displaced from the areas of crisis in the south are staying put for the moment, a few are thinking of returning to their home areas or have already gone. Tens of thousands of residents and displaced people receive WFP food cooked at these centres every day.

Emergencies, Logistics
5 November 2011

Communications Analyst, Mariko Hall, was in Nairobi recently as part of the flood of humanitarian workers arriving in the Horn of Africa to help with the hunger crisis. She was with WFP's crack emergency telecoms team FITTEST, which is always brought in to get vital communications systems in place fast. Sitting in a guest house where there's no power, she explains some of the challenges of setting up a COMCEN (Communications Centre) in emergency environments.

Food for Assets
4 November 2011

Hawa Aden fled to central Somalia from the drought and conflict-torn south desperate for a way to support her family. Though work is scarce and settling in has been tough, she’s at least found a way to put food on the table. In exchange for monthly rations, Hawa helps to clean up the area where families like hers have settled—an important job that will help to prevent the spread of disease.