Droughts, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs, Logistics
19 September 2011

WFP normally transports supplies by road and by sea. But sometimes in an emergency, an airlift is the fastest and most direct route to those in need.

16 September 2011

Back in July, Sadak Hassan Abdi, aged 18 months, was acutely malnourished and his mother was afraid he would die. But a combination of hospital treatment and special food from WFP has restored him to health and provided a striking illustration of how the right action can be critical in the Horn of Africa.

12 August 2011

WFP recently held a live "tweetup" on the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa featurning five staff members in the field who answered questions from the public on the popular microblogging site, Twitter. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

Droughts, Emergencies, Refugees and IDPs
10 August 2011

The thousands of people who have poured into Mogadishu from the interior never thought they would be dependent on food assistance. But it's proving to be a lifeline for people who have lost everything - their animals and their crops - in the drought.

9 August 2011

Since the beginning of July, WFP has reached nearly 8 million people in the Horn of Africa with food assistance. WFP is targeting 11.5 million people out of more than 13 million people affected by drought and famine in the region, with governments and other partners supporting the rest.

8 August 2011

To escape the famine in southern Somalia, Muslimo, 15, carried her baby across the desert, walking for days without food and water to arrive exhausted at the Kobe refugee camp in Ethiopia. To help them rebuild their strength, WFP is providing refugees like Muslimo with a complete food basket in addition to specialised nutrition products tailored to the needs of small children.

3 August 2011

WFP Web Editor Martin Penner recently spent a week in Dadaab, Kenya where over 1,000 people are arriving everyday to escape famine in southern Somalia. During his stay, Martin recorded his experiences in a video diary to help people understand what it's like to live and work in the world's largest refugee camp.

Droughts, Emergencies
29 July 2011

Amid a worsening hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa, WFP is moving quickly to feed 11.5 million people across the region. Airlifts have begun delivering food to the Somalia capital of Mogadishu and areas in the country’s famine-hit south, while WFP ramps up support for refugees in Kenya and Ethiopia.

25 July 2011

A hunger crisis engulfing the Horn of Africa could become a wider catastrophe unless immediate action is taken, WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran warned delegates an emergency meeting convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

25 July 2011

WFP is ramping up its Somalia operation as large numbers of people continue to flee the famine zone in the south. Airlifts into Mogadishu are delivering special fortified food for malnourished children