31 January 2012

"We feel safe here," says Labakal Kalahin, an exhausted mother of four who lost one of her children while fleeing to the village of Pibor from the fighting which erupted late last year in South Sudan’s Jonglei State. She’s among tens of thousands of people driven from their homes by the fighting whom WFP is now moving to assist with food and basic necessities.

Emergencies, Food Prices
11 January 2012

For South Sudan to feed its 9.6 million inhabitants, it must overcome a range of formidable challenges. Similarly  tough tasks exist for WFP and the humanitarian community as they set about reaching the almost 3 million South Sudanese who currently need emergency food assistance.

4 January 2012

WFP is deeply concerned about the continued insecurity in Jonglei State in Southern Sudan. Recent violence has resulted in large-scale displacement and has pushed the food security situation to crisis levels.

Droughts, Food Prices
15 December 2011

South Sudan is facing a severe hunger crisis, and WFP is scaling up operations to provide food to more than 2.5 million people in 2012. Due to poor infrastructure, more than half of the country is cut-off during the rainy season, so WFP needs to position food stocks in many areas by March.

Purchase for Progress
16 September 2011

Gracie faced incredible obstacles during her first year with P4P, and had to show a lot of patience as well. When her buyer was finally ready to pick up her surplus, 85% of it was lost. Read here why Gracie is still optimistic about P4P and her plans for the upcoming years.

24 August 2011

Airdrops are the iconic image of humanitarian assistance – food dropping from the sky to help hungry people cut off from aid. However, it’s not a long-term solution and it happens more rarely than most people realize. Delivering food by road is more cost-effective. But, sometimes airdrops are necessary, as they were recently in a part of South Sudan cut off during the rainy season.

8 July 2011

As South Sudan celebrates its birth as a nation, the new country continues to receive a flow of families displaced by conflict in the contested border area of Abyei. Among the new arrivals is Achok Ajou Cyer, who has taken refuge in the town of Mayen Abun, where she is now receiving WFP assistance.

Purchase for Progress
1 June 2011

One of the least developed regions on Earth, South Sudan is a tough place for small farmers to get ahead. But a few of them, like corn growers Paul and Angelo, have made the leap into commercial farming with the help of the Purchase-for-Progress pilot programme which works to help connect farmers to markets.

24 March 2011

Not too long ago, Mark Diang was a child soldier in southern Sudan. Thankfully, he managed to leave that life behind and he now works for WFP as a security assistant. He recently received a special award from WFP for his critical role in negotiating safe passage for urgent food aid along a dangerous river route.

Capacity Development
10 February 2011

As South Sudan moves towards independence and southerners look to build up business and commerce, traffic on the region’s roads is likely to get heavier. That makes the road rehabilitation work being carried out by WFP's logistics team more crucial than ever.