News release

30 January 2007

WFP and the leading financial services provider, Credit Suisse, have announced a new joint effort to build a sustainable future for 19,000 school children in Sri Lanka.

28 December 2005

The Executive Director of WFP, James Morris, describes 2005 as the most challenging year the humanitarian aid world has faced since World War II, but also warns that the New Year will undoubtedly bring further emergencies and even greater demands on donors.

18 August 2005

Brussels - WFP welcomes a cash donation of five million euros from Belgium which will allow the agency to provide urgently needed food to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Niger, Mali, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

14 August 2005

Barcelona Soccer\'s reigning World Player of the Year Ronaldinho, the charismatic Brazilian renowned for his smile and his ability to score jaw-dropping goals, is to use his global celebrity to help WFP in its fight against child hunger, the agency announces.

2 August 2005

Colombo WFP in Sri Lanka pays tribute to the committed and unflagging support from corporate partner TNT in the food aid agency\'s relief effort for the country\'s hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims.

1 August 2005

Colombo During the visit to Sri Lanka of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, WFP announces that it had hit its target of dispatching enough food in Sri Lanka to help feed 750,000 people affected by the tsunami crisis.

29 June 2005

Qingdao Port, China - WFP hails the departure from China of a ship carrying 270 tonnes of canned fish for Sri Lankan victims of last December\'s devastating tsunami as another milestone in China\'s emergence as a multilateral aid donor.

23 June 2005

Bangkok - Having launched one of the most complex emergency operations in its history, during which it delivered food, medicine and even helped evacuate the injured, WFP has shifted focus to long-term recovery.