Hunger in the news

11 September 2012

Polluted water in the Gaza Strip is seriously affecting people’s health and the situation looks set to get worse, the UN warns in a new report.

6 March 2012

Israel says it has allowed the export of goods from Gaza to the West Bank for the first time in five years. (..) The military has authorised the transfer of at least 13 lorry loads of date bars in the next few days. (..) The World Food Programme asked for the move to feed Palestinian children.

22 September 2011

The huge amount of money spent on aid wouldn't be needed if the international community pressed Israel to lift the blockade and respect international law, and pushed for a political solution (..) Another example of the multiple restrictions are the procedures demanded by the Israelis for the delivery of food supplies to Gaza, which cost the World Food Programme and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) $4m per year.

14 September 2011

Egyptian authorities on Wednesday approved the entry of aid from the World Food Programme to Gaza, a PA crossing official said. PA official Amr Hadhud told Ma'an that the WFP had donated 55 tons of biscuits to Gaza.

25 August 2011

Japan signed an agreement with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday to donate $3.3 million in food aid for the benefit of the poorest Palestinian classes in Gaza.

24 August 2011

A UN reports links all of the Palestinian economy's dire problems to the Israeli occupation and associated constraints. Aid from the EU and others is merely a sop for political failure. (..) An idea of the desperation facing the Palestinians is given by a 2010 survey conducted by the World Food Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, which says: "Palestinian people have used various strategies to cope with poverty and food insecurity under prolonged Israeli occupation. (..) The top three coping strategies used are deferring payment of utility bills, lowering the quality and quantity of food intake, and borrowing."

22 August 2011

Palestinian families in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) are facing increasing financial woes this Ramadan, as the Palestinian Authority (PA) juggles with its dwindling budget. (..) Meanwhile, `iftar’ tables in Gaza are often barren, power cuts are frequent, and nearly half the population is food insecure, according to the World Food Programme.

4 July 2011

(..) Dubai Cares is working to introduce school feeding programmes for undernourished primary school children in the Gaza Strip and Bangladesh, benefiting 80,000 and 88,000 children, respectively. (..) In the Gaza Strip, Dubai Cares partnered with the World Food Programme (WFP) to improve access to education and academic performance and support local economic opportunities.

4 July 2011

Aside from the human toll of the Israeli fishing restrictions, there is an economic toll very real to the 65,000 people that the World Food Project (WFP) says are directly affected by the fishing limitations. And there are the 80 percent of food-aid dependent Palestinians in Gaza for whom fish were a source of nutrition sporadically afforded.

23 June 2011

second international Freedom Flotilla 2 is to set sail for Gaza any time soon, carrying letters of support and much-needed humanitarian supplies to the subjugated people of Gaza. (..) According to a report by the World Food Program, food security in the occupied Palestinian territories and Gaza is progressively deteriorating.